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Viking Quest (2014)

Viking Quest is a TV movie starring Harry Lister Smith, Jenny Boyd, and Oliver Walker. Erick, a young Viking warrior, joins forces with a rival clan in order to rescue a kidnapped princess from the great Midgard Serpent. It's a...

IMDB: 3.82 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: Spanish
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 1

The Synopsis for Viking Quest (2014) 720p

Erick, a young Viking warrior, joins forces with a rival clan in order to rescue a kidnapped princess from the great Midgard Serpent. It's a perilous task with a risk far greater than merely their own lives; by rescuing the princess, they might cause Ragnar?k - the end of the world.

The Director and Players for Viking Quest (2014) 720p

[Director]Todor Chapkanov
[Role:]Oliver Walker
[Role:]Jenny Boyd
[Role:]Harry Lister Smith
[Role:]Anya Taylor-Joy

The Reviews for Viking Quest (2014) 720p

Excellent Small Budget Viking Adventure....Reviewed byDark_Lord_MarkVote: 9/10

I found this to be very watchable and fun.

Is the acting a ten...nope...

Is the story a ten....nope....

Is the film enjoyable...YES!!! It tells the tale of a Hero, Eric, who thinks he is blessed by the Gods, his love of his commoner friend who is a beautiful women is meant to marry a prince to unite clans. But can Eric win her affection and are their wrinkles that make their union a bad one? Is there someone else more virtuous.

I know clichéd, but so is every film. Once you watch the movie, you figure things out, but is that bad? Every movie, you can figure out the ending, as it is usually a 50/50 proposition, someone lives or someone dies or a mix of both.

I did find it silly, but for a small budget movie, it is acceptable and do not be a snob. Don't expect, Citizen Kane, but expect Viking Quest, made to be made for TV. The TV goofiness is fun, sometimes illogical, but once you sit down, know what to expect in terms of budget you can forgive the bad acting and script issues and accept it for romance, adventure, small budget and a very likable hero.

I look at the grand scheme of things, for this type of TV movie, it was pretty good, obviously it's not an award winning masterpiece but not something one should dismiss. It is not LOTR or anything that will blow your mind, but will entertain and may end up liking its charm.

Men will like it, snobs will not, and I am a man, I enjoyed the plot and forgave the acting, while amateurish, enough emotion was conveyed that made it worthwhile.

If you are a snob, I can see this rating as a 5 out of 10.

For me personally, 9 out of 10 for a small budget Viking/Hero movie, it was good. The movie was a tad long, but the payoff was worth it and it left me satisfied.

Lacking a questReviewed byPrismark10Vote: 2/10

Another cheapo film from the SyFy channel and another clunker.

A peasant boy named Erick is captured by the Vikings and raised by them. As an adult he fights with them as a warrior.

The Vikings find an ancient egg in a monastery and are attacked by a dragon. It seems Erick is part of an ancient prophecy destined to battle the dragons.

Ben Cross is the only notable actor that gives the film some respectability. There is nice location shooting in Bulgaria and some passable special effects of the dragon at the latter part of the film when there is some action.

The lead actor does look like Paul Gascoigne's thinner and more sober younger sibling but it is a dreadfully dreary film.

Here comes the berserkers!Reviewed byMidoriFioreVote: 4/10

Through the vikings probably deserves some of the disgraceful film made about them, we as an audience do not. Well, to be honest, the film only has "viking" in it's name since there are no actual vikings in the film. Somewhere in (I assume) 8th century Scandinavia, two warring clans plan to unite through the marriage of the princess Tasya and the king Wolven. Tasya childhood friend Erick "the blessed" has the hots for Tasya, a feeling that is sort of answered, but not enough for Tasya to abandon her promised to be. Unfortunately, the dastardly V?lsungs (no relation the mythological clan, but nice touch) frequently carries out sacrifices of princesses to the Midgard Serpent, Loki's dragon-seed. Since king Sigvat of the V?lsungs has no children his soldiers nabs the princess in the process. Now it's up to Erick and Wolven to set their differences aside and rescue the princess.

It's the standard story. Nothing special, but can be a fun adventure for a Friday evening. To bad the film is so badly made. The fight scenes are under all standards for a film even of this budget. The editing does not even try to hide the baffling feeble choreography. Seeing that this is a low budget romp, some special effect failures are to be expected, but this film does not even try to work around that. We have a storm that is obviously shot in a studio. Guys, could you not even had intern splashing water with buckets? It's the driest storm ever! A little extra effort could have pushed it to an at least acceptable level. Is a little more effort to much to ask. Now, the acting is really uneven. But in the case of the leads I do blame it on the director and not the actors. Harry Lister Smith and Jenny Boyd are pretty convincing as childhood friends with a scent of romance. You can see that they do have some acting chops, they are just in a bad movie. Same goes for Oliver Walker as Wolven. Anya Taylor-Joy was in the sensation that was The Witch, but I have not seen that yet. But she is not very good in this film.

As stated above, the script is pretty standard, through there is a minor twist which is neat in it's own little way. Then the scenery is really nice. Mostly, the costumes seem to be roughly accurate. Most of the clothes, armors and helmets are pretty authentic to what I've seen in museums and books. That's not to say that this film is historically accurate. A high medieval castle is dropped in the middle of Scandinavia in the freaking 7th century and is painfully out of sync with the rest of the iconography of the film. Then, they have a male character called Hild. Talk about not doing the research...

If you are looking for a so bad that it's good viking film, Viking Quest is what you look for. Through not good at all, it's never boring. Like Troll 2 or Death Academy or any Ed Wood film, it's a charming bad movie. So grab your cowhorns, pass the mead and have a laugh.

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