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The Trump Prophecy (2018)

The Trump Prophecy is a movie starring Chris Nelson, Paulette Todd, and Karen Boles. Based on actual events, the story surrounds a fireman and public servant Mark Taylor who heard a special message from God about change in our...

IMDB: 1.65 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 1.6/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 7 / 10

The Synopsis for The Trump Prophecy (2018) 720p

Based on actual events, the story surrounds a fireman and public servant Mark Taylor who heard a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and connector of Christian ministries, heard Mark's message she felt called to start a national prayer movement which grew to thousands of people across our nation praying together for the leadership of America and a return to the Godly principles we were founded upon. The Trump Prophecy tells the story of Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert through the election of 2016 followed by a reflective time hearing from leaders in various sectors of faith, business, finance, military, and world affairs who respond with their perspective on what it takes to make America great again.

The Director and Players for The Trump Prophecy (2018) 720p

[Director]Stephan Schultze
[Role:]Karen Boles
[Role:]Don Brooks
[Role:]Paulette Todd
[Role:]Chris Nelson

The Reviews for The Trump Prophecy (2018) 720p

It's not about Trump, it's about God and His plan for America and IsraelReviewed bydfrattaVote: 10/10

Trump is like Ester in the bible. We are all supposed to be praying for our Nation and it's Leaders. We need to remember God sets up nations and puts down nations. Even Obama was in there for a purpose. I did not vote for him, but I prayed for him every day and our nation. Israel needs to be prayed for. God has a plan for all of us. We can either go God's way which really would be much easier or our own way which is crooked and takes longer to get to where God had planned for you to be in the first place.. It's always amazing to see how God works. Look back over something in your life and you can see where it went from point A to B. Where at first when you looked ahead you said it couldn't be done or couldn't figure how it would happened, God is good God is good all the time.

What in blazes did I just watch?Reviewed bydruidofparadiseVote: 1/10

This blatant propaganda piece was so bad, it changed me from a lurker to an actual reviewer on this website for the first time in over a decade. Acting was atrocious, the dialogue was delivered with the same gusto of a middle school play, and that's not even touching on the subject matter.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Hard stop. As long as you are not bothering me or someone I love, or interfering with the freedom of others, I could care less what you believe.

It's really hard to apply that philosophy when you are dealing with a dangerous cult that is wanting to transform society to reflect their own narrow interpretation of a 3000-year-old text.

"Movies" like these are designed to appeal to the ignorant and uneducated, stir up their hostilities through their confirmation biases, and have them walk away from the experience more deeply entrenched in their bubbles, ready to take on "the libs". That term, of course, has slowly transformed over the course of the years to mean every single person that does not 100% agree with them.

This movie was physically painful to watch, and even more agonizing knowing that other people were buying into it hook, line, and sinker. These are sad times, friends.

HeartfeltReviewed bybeavertwelveVote: 10/10

It's a very touching story! It's a remarkable tale of trials and faith. It's so nice knowing it's based on true events because it really restores faith in humanity. God Bless America!

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