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The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)

The Trial of Billy Jack is a movie starring Tom Laughlin, Delores Taylor, and Victor Izay. After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and...

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The Synopsis for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

After Billy Jack in sentenced to four years in prison for the "involuntary manslaughter" of the first film, the Freedom School expands and flourishes under the guidance of Jean Roberts. The utopian existence of the school is characterized by everything ranging from "yoga sports" to muckracking journalism. The diverse student population airs scathing political exposes on their privately owned television station. The narrow-minded townspeople have different ideas about their brand of liberalism. Billy Jack is released and things heat up for the school. Students are threatened and abused and the Native Americans in the neighboring village are taunted and mistreated. After Billy Jack undergoes a vision quest, the governor and the police plot to permanently put an end to their liberal shenanigans, leaving it up to Billy Jack to save the day.

The Director and Players for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

[Director]Tom Laughlin
[Director]Tom Laughlin
[Role:]Teresa Kelly
[Role:]Victor Izay
[Role:]Delores Taylor

The Reviews for The Trial of Billy Jack (1974) 720p

Where's an cult movie when you need one?Reviewed bymarobVote: 7/10

I first saw 'the Trial of Billy Jack' when I was about 24. a friend had told me there was a powerful sequence in the movie about Billy going on a Vision Quest, something I have been into in different forms ever since. Acting was on a par with anything else in the early 1970's. McLauglin and his family put their heart and soul (and his money, I'm told) into the Billy Jack movies. I had the chance to seen it 3 times in a fortnight, once in a theatre that usually screened x-rated movies. I have looked for the movie on screen or on video ever since.

Waco minus a lunaticReviewed bywashicd-2Vote: 7/10

The American fear of freedom is brightly reflected (maybe too brightly) in this film. But the same individuals who consider it's content outrageous will also readily accept the government's explanation of the massacre at Waco. Soccer moms of the nineties will not be able to relate to the film's 1970's concerns.

Although the movie is outdated, it's themes still faithfully apply today. The war against religious and intellectual freedoms is really no more out of place today than it was in the days of Pontius Pilate.

People don't understand this filmReviewed bygrahamsj3Vote: 5/10

I've seen some of the comments for this film, and everyone is complaining about the films "activism". It seems foreign to us now since very few of us are activists anymore. But back in the 70's, my generation was VERY active and vocal. I didn't lean nearly as far left as the politics espoused in this film, but I mistrusted the US Government as much as the next person. Tom Laughlin is a very strong anti-war and pro-Indian activist. This film, while poorly acted (as were all the Billy Jack films), has a strong message and it sure gets in your face with it. The timing of the film coincides with the time when most of America greatly distrusted Uncle Sam, so it's politics are mostly correct. My major complaint is the films should have been trimmed. I think there's too much "amateur hour" from the students. Other than that, it's not bad at all. To truly judge this film, you must have lived through the 70's and then you'd understand it better.

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