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The Outlaw (1943)

The Outlaw is a movie starring Jack Buetel, Thomas Mitchell, and Jane Russell. Western legends Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid are played against each other over the law and the attentions of vivacious country vixen Rio...

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The Synopsis for The Outlaw (1943) 720p

Newly appointed sheriff Pat Garrett is pleased when his old friend Doc Holliday arrives in Lincoln, New Mexico on the stage. Doc is trailing his stolen horse, and it is discovered in the possession of Billy the Kid. In a surprising turnaround, Billy and Doc become friends. This causes the friendship between Doc and Pat to cool. The odd relationship between Doc and Billy grows stranger when Doc hides Billy at his girl, Rio's, place after Billy is shot. She falls for Billy, although he treats her very badly. Interaction between these four is played out against an Indian attack before a final showdown reduces the group's number.

The Director and Players for The Outlaw (1943) 720p

[Director]Howard Hughes
[Role:]Jane Russell
[Role:]Walter Huston
[Role:]Thomas Mitchell
[Role:]Jack Buetel

The Reviews for The Outlaw (1943) 720p

BreastsReviewed byBen_CheshireVote: 1/10

I would have preferred if there was no plot at all - Jane Russell is gorgeous, and Howard Hughes' meticulous efforts to emphasise her considerable bust make her quite a thing to look at. I would have preferred to see less of Pat Garrett and Doc Holliday, and more of Jane Russell. Even in the circumcised 95 min version i saw, there are shots of her cleavage, very rare for a 1943 film. There are other aspects of the movie which make it racy even by today's standards: one scene which made it to the most censored version involves something we don't see again till 1970 (Altman's MASH), far as i know. A man is sick, Russell is told he may die, she starts undressing, tells the maid to leave the room and tells the sick man: "I'll warm you up."

At times like this, there is a total fadeout to black and the music cuts out - something which never happens elsewhere in the movie. Its not hard to pick where bits have been cut out. I'd love to see the full version, available on the Criterion DVD. Plus, the transfer on the cheapie DVD i've got is not good, and Criterion always do a great transfer.

The sex caused the production enough trouble, however - getting it banned in several countries, and neutered in the US. Still, there are enough scenes of Russell looking gorgeous here to recommend it to you for that alone (best bits: Russell standing in front of a mirror, riding a horse, wearing that green shirt, getting wet... you get the idea). The shot of Russell in The Outlaw's photo gallery gives you an idea of the sultry sexuality Russell had. That's a publicity still, though, so she looks slighty more natural in the movie. The western-adventure plot is impoverished and eventually turns into a love triangle with Russell, which i would have recommended to Hughes instead of trying a straight western adventure. He clearly cared most about women and aviation, and since this movie involved no planes, he needed plenty of sex to keep him interested. Hughes's frame only comes alive when Russell is on screen. Luckily, she comes on screen quite often. Still, it never seems like enough. The only interest the other characters (none other than Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday) serve is watching how often their eyes stray to Russell's bust when they're in a scene with her.

Unexpectedly comic moment: in a shootout, one man refuses to draw, so the other shoots a big hole in his hand and out of his ears and he doesn't even react, as if he didn't feel it. I don't care how tough you are, you're gonna feel pain if you lose half an ear to a bullet.

Jane Russel's first movieReviewed bydisdressed12Vote: 7/10

this thing is all over the's disjointed,and there doesn't seem to be a point to a lot of it.probably most largely remembered as Jane Russel's first movie role,even though she didn't have that big a part.anyway,this thing just goes on and on and on.there were times i was sure it was over,and it could have been,but it kept also plays fast and loose with history,as far as i know.Doc Holiday,Pat Garret and Billy the Kid are all in this one.i don't just mean they're in the same movie. they're actually together in most scenes of the movie.for me,when you add everything all up,this is a bizarre mess.i give The Outlaw a 4/10

Nursing the OutlawReviewed bywes-connorsVote: 10/10

Jane Russell nurses Jack Buetel back to health - but, that's not all.

I've watched the film three times. The first time, I resisted. I watched with amazement? this movie has an incredible "look". I suppose it's a film made in the '40s, seen mostly in the '50s, looking very much like an early '30s "talkie" - but, ACTED IN SLOW MOTION! I wanted to dislike the film, but I really could not. I loved the saloon - reading the visible graffiti on the walls, never knowing who was going to shoot who, when, why...

When Mr. Buetel and Ms. Russell tumble in the hay, I recognized the scene from a dozen subsequent westerns; yet, it seemed suspenseful the way Mr. Hughes shot it here. I could not really state there is a rape (others may); and, I think, later scenes imply there was no rape. I believe the scene simply ended with her shirt torn.

There certainly is a lot of ambiguity! I agree there are some lines between the male actors which could be taken sexually. I caught those upon viewing the film during a second sitting. Early on, Mr. Huston wonders if Mr. Buetel might want to bunk with him if he doesn't "have a girl". BUT, Huston has Russell already lined up. There is also the age old question of whether the western hero needs his horse, or his girl, more. Of course, the western hero picks his horse! I believe these ambiguities add to the enjoyment of the film. They are additional things to think about during repeated viewing. During my second viewing, I just enjoyed the movie more? it's just so unusually interesting. With all "classic" films, I think about different meanings, and things going on? this movie has the ability to grow stronger thematically with repeated viewings. That's something I look for when rating a movie highly. A movie can take on a life of its own.

I love the performances? Mr. Mitchell and Huston are older, more experienced actors while Buetel and Russell are younger. They all work well together. I especially enjoy "Billy" and "Rio" as she nurses him to health. The most recent viewing (today) had me wondering about how the peculiar "look" of this film was achieved. It's very claustrophobic, but has some "location" stuff. I watched those scenes more carefully. I watched Mr. Buetel's guns during his "exchange" near the end. I noticed Ms. Russell's attire became more alluring with each scene.

I noticed the tombstone closing: "HERE LIES?" The tombstone is a "LIE". Could this play on words have been intended? This is a film I would call "chance art." I have no idea what effect the filmmakers were looking for - was it just intended as a showcase for Jane Russell's attributes? That was achieved. All the rest is icing. I submit that "The Outlaw" creates a unique and entertaining "world" of its own. The four main performers are riveting. I think "The Outlaw" is a world worth repeated revisiting.

Next, I need to keep my eyes on Billy the Kid's ears, and see when the blood drops appear on his shirt.

********** The Outlaw (2/5/43) Howard Hughes ~ Jack Buetel, Jane Russell, Walter Huston, Thomas Mitchell

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