The Nightcomers (1971) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Nightcomers (1971) 1080p

The Nightcomers is a movie starring Marlon Brando, Stephanie Beacham, and Thora Hird. Prequel to Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw", focusing on groundskeeper Peter Quint's slow corruption of the virtuous governess Miss Jessel and...

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  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
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The Synopsis for The Nightcomers (1971) 1080p

Prequel to the Henry James classic "Turn of the Screw" about the events leading up to the deaths of Peter Quint and Ms. Jessel, and the the slow corruption of the children in their care.

The Director and Players for The Nightcomers (1971) 1080p

[Director]Michael Winner
[Role:]Thora Hird
[Role:]Harry Andrews
[Role:]Marlon Brando
[Role:]Stephanie Beacham

The Reviews for The Nightcomers (1971) 1080p

A Very Dark Tale About Finding Sexuality and Losing InnocenceReviewed byclaudio_carvalhoVote: 7/10

In the Victorian England, the teenagers Flora (Verna Harvey) and her brother Miles (Christopher Ellis) have just lost their parents in a car accident in France. Their tutor (Harry Andrews) decides to leave the children alone in their huge mansion under the care of the old housekeeper Mrs. Grose (Thora Hird), the governess Miss Jessel (Stephanie Beacham) and the gardener Peter Quint (Marlon Brando). Miles and Flore are very connected to Peter, who misleads their education with twisted concepts of love and death, but the orphans believe and are fascinated by his knowledge. Peter is the lover of Jessel, and they use to have sadomasochistic sex. When Peter sees their kink bondage night of sex, he has a corrupted and perverted sexual initiation. When Mrs. Grose writes to the master of the house to fire Miss Jessel and Peter Quint, Flora and Miles plot a dark scheme to keep them together in the property.

"The Nightcomers" is a very dark tale about finding sexuality and losing innocence in a very twisted way. The performances of the cast are top-notch, but Marlon Brando leads the story with his usual competence. I have never had the chance to read "Turn of the Screw" or see "The Innocents" to make any comparison, but I really liked this unknown and underrated movie. The bondage scenes are very impressive, with Marlon Brando and Stephanie Beacham showing a great chemistry. It is impressive to see that Verna Harvey was twenty-years old in 1972. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Os Que Chegam Com a Noite" ("The Nightcomers")

Last Tango in Paris meets the Turn of the ScrewReviewed byHesse-02Vote: 7/10

A very underrated, understated film of Marlon's which I found to be psychologically and sexually amazing, not to mention creepy! And this was even before his performance in Last Tango in Paris.

What's going to happen next? How far is the governess going to go? Who is the masochist and who is the sadist? It can almost be called a sexual thriller. And the accent Marlon gives is Scottish/Irish mix. He's not loaded, fully awake and attuned in all his skill.

How many film buffs have missed this performance??? You cannot say you love film and not have seen this. I have to say it's Marlon at his most compelling except for The Godfather.

Fantastic performances by the children, Stephanie Beacham as the governess and Marlon is "Peter Quint". Set in an English Manor; themes include female nudity, children acting out, and sexual fetishes. Could not be made today without MAJOR criticisms and protests. Wow.

Filmed on location and the story is interesting and captivating - to say the least. The ending is not predictable. Hard to find and not shown in the US. Try to find on DVD.

Brando was perfect and it is a must see rare gem in his film career.Reviewed byvictorsargeantVote: 7/10

The Innocents implies, but Nightcomers delivers the rare emotional flesh of the under belly of Henry James story.

It is appropriate to the tale for the audience to experience the sexual paradox of SM, to understand the true power of Quant over the children.

What will these children be like when they mature into adults? Or will they develop into adults ever? Fascinating story. Brando was perfect for this story, and I am sure, his own psychology included such behaviors.

Prick ones body to find ones soul? The levels of pain and pleasure become blurred as in real SM does not know where one begins and the other ends. A valid depiction of the pain +pleasure paradox is soundly explored. The audience is given a crash course to SM which enables the intelligent observer to taste and enmesh the aspects of this paradox. All feelings are permitted to be touched. I am sure it will be unsettling emotionally far after one leaves the theater or the click of your remote. Its excellent theater and well told with a master teacher in Brando as your spiritual guide.

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