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The Mummy (2017) 3D

An ancient Egyptian princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.

IMDB: 5.625 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 3D
  • Size: 1.68G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 110
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 8 / 26

The Synopsis for The Mummy (2017) 3D

Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.

The Director and Players for The Mummy (2017) 3D

[Director]Alex Kurtzman
[Role:]Tom Cruise
[Role:]Annabelle Wallis
[Role:]Sofia Boutella

The Reviews for The Mummy (2017) 3D

Reviewed byCraig James Review (on Youtube)Vote: 3/10/10

"The Mummy" is the first movie in what Universal Studios wants to calltheir "Dark Universe." Yeah, that's right. Those re-shoots that 2014's"Dracula Untold" went through to tie into a Dark Universe; those don'tmatter now. That 2010 Benicio del Toro "Wolfman" movie; also doesn'tmatter.

In a world where Universes are becoming more and more of a thing,Universal seems determined not to let this monster mash-up of TheWolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and moreslip through their fingers.

And they're also not skimping out on finding A-list talent to help sellthe whole thing. So far we've heard Johnny Depp, The Rock, and JavierBardem's names being thrown into the mix, plus Russell Crowe is alreadyhere as Dr. Jekyll.

That last one I think is really cool by the way because while so manyothers have been portrayed by the likes of Gary Oldman and JackNicholson's, Jekyll's best portrayal in the past 20+ years has beenugh….David Hasselhoff.

But now let's talk about "The Mummy", specifically that old trilogywith Brendan Fraser. There's no doubt director Stephen Sommers luckedout with that first film and there's also little doubt Universal wantsto move away from that overall cheesiness here. The question is canthey still go serious but also have fun at the same time?

And say what you will about Sommers; the guy was a C-grade filmmakerwho got a kick out of a cheap thrill but at least you could say hecommitted to it. This new Mummy is just a wrong-headed disaster.

The set-up is pretty much the same as the older Mummy film althoughhere it's a woman played by "Kingsman's" Sofia Boutella. She's Ahmanet,an Egyptian Princess who wanted power, sold out to some powerful entityfor eternal life, and paid for it by getting entombed.

Universal of course is also putting it's faith in Tom Cruise, who playsan Army Vet prone towards treasure hunting. He and several others findAhmanet's sarcophygus but while bringing it back to be examined, theplane goes down over London and a bunch of strange things happen thatthey learn can't just be coincidence.

This is Cruise just being Cruise here. He gets to run around a lotdoing his "intense face" all while an attractive woman half his age isalong with him for the sexual interplay (more on her in a moment).Yeah, there's discussion about his character growing something of aconscience as this goes on but it's pretty perfunctory.

Plus having the Mummy be a woman after Cruise's body so she could planther demon God inside of him and they can reign as King and Queen; thisseems more like it falls into being of one of Cruise's aging vanityprojects than on acting skill.

Boutella gets very little to do otherwise but try and be seductivewhile waving her hands in a threatening manner. Otherwise auto-tunedoes the rest.

The Cruise character's love interest is an archaeologist played byAnnabelle Wallis who looks like she just stepped out from a Parisfashion show into an archaeological dig. Did I believe her as anarchaeologist? No. Did I believe she could spell it? Sure. Either way,it doesn't matter. What does is that she and Cruise are DOA in theirscenes together.

No character makes much impression here, including Crowe's Dr. Jekyllwho's maybe in the film for 20 minutes to explain stuff so simplistic,silly, and predictable that it hardly needs explaining at all beforethe film rushes through his particular ailment.

For some reason screenwriters David Koepp and Christopher McQuarriethink more explanation is still warranted though and in that theycouldn't be more wrong. For something trying to feel new, it'sremarkably easy to tell where all this is going.

Their biggest crime is what they do to New Girl's Jake Johnson, a funnyactor who they turn into the Dark Universe's version of Jar Jar Binksin only five minutes. He comes in and out of the film at really oddintervals, either screaming dialogue in the hope of making it funny orgiving us yet more exposition we don't really need.

Add to that first time action director Alex Kurtzman is a disaster. Theaction sequences look haphazardly thrown together, just cartoonish andunbelievable, while a spoiler I won't give away about the Tom Cruisecharacter makes them even harder to give a crap about anyway.

The fights are stiff and uninteresting, and the special effects areeither forgettable or look just as hokey as they did in the BrendanFraser movies. The plane sequence we saw in the trailer looks prettydecent but hey, you've already seen the most decent thing in the movie,why pay to see the rest.

Overall this is not just a bad film, but a film that has no idea whatit even is. It wants to resurrect classic monsters, but isn't the leastbit scary. It wants to take it in original directions, but winds upbeing an ultra-serious, dull version of the 1999 film. It's silly butnot funny, it's a lot of commotion but no excitement, it's a Mummymovie that if the ending of this can even be believed, thinks it'ssomething totally different. This is a worse start to a Universe thanKing Arthur was.

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The critics lie! The Mummy was exciting, well made, fun and action pact!Reviewed byJDMVote: 8/10

What could have happened to get such a fast angry mob of movie critics and bloggers to so quickly trash The Mummy days before it came out? Well, I saw it and for the life of me could not find much to complain about.

I understand that a persons opinion of a movie is just that, an opinion. Yet a couple of days ago sitting at my desk I start seeing a flood of negative reviews about The Mummy. So I read, and I read, and I continued to read words such as horrible, terrible, worst Tom Cruise movie ever, etc etc. So I decided to go to the movies today and just see this apparent train wreck of a movie. I sat there and was willing to accept what ever apparent "garbage" they threw at me. I mean I managed to stay through the entire Suicide Squad and I have to admit that was a mess, horrible in my opinion because they tried to cram way too many leading rolls down my throat.

So after watching The Mummy do I agree with the premature flood of angry reviews? Reviews I was almost forced to endure on my many devices as if a global event was happening. I was told The Mummy was not good, not good at all in many words. Well the truth is the critics lie and apparently bullying a movie out of the box office is a live and well.

I was actually quite happy with The Mummy. I liked Nicks character played by Tom Cruises who I felt was believable for a fun summer action movie. I enjoyed Jenny, co-star Annabelle Wallis who fit the roll well and did not annoy me like some actors can when it comes to 'running and screaming'. I sat through the entire movie and at one point I actually was looking for something to complain about. I personally did not like Russle Crow as Jekyll because I felt, in all honesty he was too fat for the roll. Sofia Boutella did a great job as the main villain. I could feel her feel her rage and madness and at one moment she made me jump. Guess the 3D helped there.

So, what I have learned is never believe a movie critic until you see the movie for yourself.

The hate is undeservedReviewed byspmactVote: 7/10

Based on all the bad reviews I was worried this would suck, but I have to say that while it wasn't as good/charming as the 90s mummy movie, it wasn't bad either. Cruise's character was likable, and while his arc wasn't that deep, it didn't really need to be. The mummy actress impressed me more than I expected, since I didn't really like her that much in Kingsman. People said that this spent too much time setting up the following movies, but I didn't think that was the case. There were small seeds planted, but save for the ending and lack of background for Jekyll, this felt self contained enough. Overall the movie had some fun action sequences and decent characters, and made for an enjoyable popcorn flick. I do not regret watching it.

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