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The Devil's Double (2011) 1080p

The Devil's Double is a movie starring Dominic Cooper, Ludivine Sagnier, and Raad Rawi. A chilling vision of the House of Saddam Hussein comes to life through the eyes of the man who was forced to become the double of Hussein's...

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The Synopsis for The Devil's Double (2011) 1080p

Baghdad, the playground for the rich and infamous, where anything can be bought - but for a price. This is Uday Hussein's world and with his depraved lust for debauchery and immorality, he helps himself to whatever turns him on. When army lieutenant Latif Yahia is summoned to Saddam's palace, he is faced with an impossible request - to be Uday's 'fiday' - his body double, or have his family condemned to death. In a world entrenched in betrayal and corruption, knowing who to trust becomes a matter of life or death for Latif, as he battles to escape from his forced existence.

The Director and Players for The Devil's Double (2011) 1080p

[Director]Lee Tamahori
[Role:]Philip Quast
[Role:]Raad Rawi
[Role:]Ludivine Sagnier
[Role:]Dominic Cooper

The Reviews for The Devil's Double (2011) 1080p

Life with a Psychotic Monster aka Uday HusseinReviewed bychaz-28Vote: 8/10

Uday Hussein was a monster. The world knew this before he was killed, but after seeing The Devil's Double, the world has a good reminder just how horrible of a man he was. Uday would patrol the Baghdad streets in his sports car, kidnap school girls, rape them, murder them, and then have his goons dispose of the bodies. Nothing would ever happen to him because he hid behind daddy, Saddam Hussein. It appears he had no conscience; he proudly maintained videos of torture sessions, especially from underperforming Iraqi Olympic athletes. There are particular scenes in this film depicting crude torture techniques which are quite gut wrenching for the audience.

Dominic Cooper plays the dual role of Uday Hussein and the man 'taken' to be his body double, Latif Yahia. Cooper seamlessly disappears into these two separate men. He plays Uday with a high pitched voice, forever animated and crazy-eyed. Latif is laconic, thoughtful, and deeply troubled by the events occurring around him. This movie is based on actual events as written by Latif Yahia himself. Uday and Latif were classmates and later on, Uday remembers their similarities and has Latif plucked from the Iran/Iraq battlefield. This was not a job recommendation either; Latif either would become Uday's double or he and his family would be tortured and executed.

Latif could now enjoy all of Uday's luxuries, except his women. The inevitable involvement with a woman Latif should not have been socializing with is the film's one weak spot. Ludivine Sagnier plays Sarrab, a woman who Uday plucked from a club once and has yet to release from his grasp. Sagnier has starred in high quality work in the past both with Swimming Pool and 8 Women, but Sarrab's character does not fit very well here. The Devil's Double is about the relationship between Uday Hussein and Latif Yahia with the background of the first Persian Gulf War and Latif's desperate attempts to deal with the crumbling situation. There is not very much room from Sagnier and her character more often than not just gets in the way of what should be the central theme. For example, during the Baghdad bombing in the opening days of the 1991 war, instead of showing what Uday was doing or where he was hiding, the audience gets a scene between Latif and Sarrab. This was the wrong choice for both the screenwriter and director to make.

The director, Lee Tamahori, is a veteran action film director with credits including a James Bond film, Die Another Day, and other sporadic attempts with Along Came A Spider and the xXx sequel. This is not an action film though. It is a tough, psychological thriller and Tamahori does an admirable job with it except from the previously mentioned scene. The writer, Michal Thomas, has been around a long time but his work is mostly unknown except for his Ladyhawke screenplay and an episode of the Crash television series. He has adapted Latif Yahia's own novel and has done a forthright job of it.

Thank goodness Latif's novel was adapted for the big screen. One will read in the newspaper occasionally that Iraqi citizens miss Saddam Hussein's regime because at least the country was more stable than it is now and they had electricity and employment. When those thoughts spring up, they should be required to watch The Devil's Double to remind them of the insanity their country has moved away from.

Just got a chance to see The Devil's Double.Reviewed bynameraltikritiVote: 10/10

Just got a chance to see The Devil's Double, great movie! As the first of it's kind I think that they did well, being Iraqi myself ( I left in the early 90's) I find it quite accurate, I can tell it wasn't actually filmed in Baghdad but then who really wants to go there!?? For so long I've listened to critics here in the US saying the movie is too flashy or over the top but I lived in Baghdad during that time, believe me we were more O.T.T than that! Iraq in the '80's had everything you could want, night clubs, bars, the best hotels in the world, Sheraton, Le Meridien etc, think of Dubai now, that was Baghdad then.? Anyway, I was an officer in a special unit in the palace. So I saw a lot of stuff, it was an open secret that Uday had a double, just like President Saddam Hussein. It makes me laugh when there's controversy after 20 years about whether Latif Yahia's story is true or not, I wonder who they're asking for an opinion, some guy who left Iraq when he was three and has never been to the middle-east let alone Iraq! Or worse still the men who Uday used to call 'friends', ?it's of no importance really, Iraq as we knew it is gone, President Saddam is dead. ?Watch and enjoy, historically accurate or not it's one hell of a ride! Oh yeah, if you've ever watched any interview of the real Latif Yahia, that's what Uday sounded like, not as squeaky as they make him out to be in the movie. To capture Uday's brutality they would have had to dial it up a notch or twelve, I had the displeasure of seeing him in action in reality. We had a job to do, pretending we weren't there. ? Does it glorify Uday, I don't know, I think that's for each person to decide. Am I proud of Latif Yahia for bringing his story to the world, absolutely. Because for each person that tries to rubbish him there are twenty Iraqis who will defend him, he stood up against the regime and in the end he's the winner.

Entertaining inside view in the former Baghdad. Some discomforting parts, but without political intentions (quote from film maker)Reviewed byJvH48Vote: 8/10

I saw "The Devil's Double" at the Berlinale 2011. An unusual large number (over 300) stayed for the full 30 minutes of Q&A after the screening. The producer warned us that we should expect not too much of the political impact of this film. It is better (his words) to regard it as just a gangster movie. We also learned that the stand-in situation that seemed compressed here in a smaller time frame, in fact existed for a full 4 years. We saw that Latif succeeded in keeping his hands reasonably clean, but it cannot have been real for such a time span. We still may wonder how much of this life he was pulled-in, against his will and his nature, but nevertheless being part of it.

According to the film maker, what we saw was in more respects not completely accurate. Some freedom was exercised while portraying the situation in Baghdad at that time. The existence of stand-in's, however, was realistic and publicly known. That went as far as showing them openly, if only to confuse potential attackers. It certainly reduced the risk in public appearances, since one could never know whether you saw the real one, or a double dressed and acting like the real one.

There were also questions about using English as the prime language. The producer had some arguments in favor of the choices made. Firstly, raising a 50M budget for a movie with Arabic speaking actors, was considered a Mission Impossible. Also, English is generally accepted as the standard movie language, spoken by Roman emperors as well as aliens from other planets.

The Q&A also revealed some facts about how Dominic Cooper handled his double role. We now know that he played both roles on the same day, given the entourage and colleague actors present that day. He always played the "lunatic" parts first, and (without much time in between) the "Latif" parts shortly after that. Of course, there was a challenge in keeping track of the places where the counterpart actor stood at particular moments during the scene. Anyway, if he missed a few and looked in a wrong direction at some instances, I did not notice it and I think the same of other people seeing this film for the first time.

At various moments throughout the screening the notion crossed my mind that this movie could be construed as a justification of overturning the Sadam regime, or (in other words) as propaganda in favor of George W for a completed project in Iraq. In retrospect, I don't think such a hidden meaning was intended. The film was not against Sadam as a dictator in particular, but rather against dictators in general. They existed and ruled since the time of the Roman emperors (and probably before that), and still are ruling nowadays in countries all over the world. We see the wrong side effects of unlimited power. We also see how uncooperative people were regarded "that is the thanks we get for uplifting this country" (or variations thereof).

Political issues and hidden meanings set aside, we saw a well constructed story line, believable casting, and an inside view in the palace and its inhabitants at that time. One can argue about the torture, punishment and other violent scenes, that these better could be left out, or otherwise included implicitly by telling about it (without showing actual pictures). On the other hand, leaving these out would change the film too much into a costume drama, thereby reducing the impact it now will have on the average viewer. Anyway, it is easy for us to criticize choices being made by the film makers. In my opinion they did their job very well, all things considered.

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