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The Death of Superman (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

The Death of Superman (2018)

Superman battles against an insurmountable foe named Doomsday.

IMDB: 3.07 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Action
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 690.36M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 12 / 328

The Synopsis for The Death of Superman (2018) 720p

Superman battles against an insurmountable foe named Doomsday.

The Director and Players for The Death of Superman (2018) 720p

[Director]Jake Castorena
[Director]Sam Liu
[Role:]Rosario Dawson
[Role:]Nathan Fillion
[Role:]Rebecca Romijn

The Reviews for The Death of Superman (2018) 720p

An old tale with new polish...but that Symbolism thoughReviewed byDuskShadowVote: 6/10

SO here is a new revamped version of the classic story : The Death of Superman. There have been many close calls with the quintessential super hero archetype known as Superman, but the most famous will still be when Doomsday took ouf the caped crusader with himself in the 1990's comic books. IT spawned an assortment of offshoots that re introduced som older character concepts such as Super Boy, but brought in newer version of the Super Man type, such as Steel, Cyborg Superman, and the Last son of Krypton. This movie is basically a premise to all of that. Here we have a long and drawn out recap, in my mind, of the events leading up to the epic clash, but tied in to the DC animated films of the last few years. Of the "Big Two" Marvel has been the powerhouse, not only in film and tv over the last 20 years, but for the last 40 it has pushed more limits that DC. Even after Batman got his back broken, though, Dc had a trump card. And that was the death of ol supes. However, and though most people may not approve of or agree with this, the strange symbolism of Superman's death and resurrection of Superman from his crypt, with many onlookers all aghast , was too much like the biblical story of Jesus' own resurrection. Even in the comic books 20+ years ago, the parallels are unmistakable, but no less illustrate how much Superman actually means in terms of the very essence of not only DC, but hero comics in general.The film was for the most part exactly like I recall so many parts of the comic and the animated television show from the 90s, with but updated looks for characters and scenery, yet the same exact plot, which will doubtless lead to another film to continue the saga of these direct to film comic adaptations. Though this does not lessen the impact of importance of these tales, keeping them very much alive and therefore relevant in the modern age, its too much like dangling a fake carrot in front of a bunny" it looks good, but after a while, one gets mad at being so teased. Still I am sure many will fully enjoy this, and although it was far from terrible, it fell just short of that sweet spot of impact full greatness I remember. Perhaps the same can be said of all whom age, that look back upon the page. Give the film a shot, it aint half bad.

2018 is a great year for DC animations!Reviewed byCarlos AndréVote: 9/10

First a surprisingly great "Gotham by Gaslight", then an overall ok Suicide Squad animation, then, we have this one.

Let me say upfront that (1) I've never seen the other Death of Superman movie, so I wont compare this one with that one, and (2) really I hadn't dug into this story itself before, therefore, this is kind of my first real experience with this arc.

But man, I just love this movie! I went and saw it without expectations, but wow! This time around even the bad animation's style that all these "DC Animated Universe" movies have didn't bother me.

I know it's a Superman film, but I loved the way they approach the Justice League here. Their relationship, it's so cool to see our heroes interacting, telling jokes, or just being friends really. The chemistry was there, and it was amazing.

And another amazing thing is that even though the movie has a couple of comical moments, there are also some dark scenes, they've talked about some pretty intense topics, they approach (as Zack Snyder also did on the recent DCU movies) this whole "messianic" image the population have on Superman which always cool.

The set up to Superman's death is also really well done. Through the whole movie he is almost unbeatable, he kicks everyone's ass without much effort, until... boom! Doomsday! And you feel the impact. Also, another great set up is how the population feels about Superman, he is a god, he is hope, we will always be there for them, until... boom, he isn't. And, once again, you feel it. There is one specific scene, where he saves a little boy, and the boy hugs him, it's such an emblematic moment, it's one frame that really just defines who Superman is. Wonderful.

I guees, my only issue is kind of a spoiler. I don't how much you are able to not know this story, but well, I wont say it. But genericaly speaking, it's the end, like the last 2 minutes or so. It would just be more powerful if they had the "corage" (or something like that) to finish the movie without this 2 last minutes and what happens there. I don't know, for me the movie would just be perfect, and its message potentialized. But it wasn't.

Summing up, The Death of Superman is a great piece of animation, and, in fact, the first one of the "DC Animated Universe" which really get me excited to see what is comming next. Don't get me wrong, there were some pretty good other ones, but for me this is the first GREAT one. Just love it.

by far the best animated superhero movie ever created and qualitywise it even surpass DCEU and MCU stuffsReviewed bynidhishmnairVote: 10/10

In my is best superhero movie released in last few years...better than most of the high budget craps..because..this movie will give everything that you expect.....happiness , romance , action, emotion ,gooosebumbs or whatever.....clark kent and lois romance is the best..

i really cried at the end of this movie....and now i am very eager to watch its upcoming sequel reign of superman

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