The Bouncer (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

The Bouncer (2018)

Lukas is a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sveva Alviti, and Sami Bouajila. A nightclub bouncer in his fifties who's taken punches, literally and figuratively, and struggles to raise his 8-year-old daughter.

IMDB: 6.49 Likes

  • Genre: Action |
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 792.87M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 164 / 1007

The Synopsis for The Bouncer (2018) 720p

A nightclub bouncer in his fifties who's taken punches, literally and figuratively, and struggles to raise his 8-year-old daughter.

The Director and Players for The Bouncer (2018) 720p

[Director]Julien Leclercq
[Role:]Sami Bouajila
[Role:]Jean-Claude Van Damme
[Role:]Sveva Alviti
[Role:]Sam Louwyck

The Reviews for The Bouncer (2018) 720p

goodReviewed byops-52535Vote: 8/10

This is a french/belgian made film with jcvd, a good film,and surprisingly the slowest actionthriller ive seen with jean claude van damme.the story are shallow and not well told,but the acting are overall good and the tension are present all the way through.some editing glitches there are but the great variations of locations makes up for that.van danne has never been a favourite,so im happy to see an aging more edible version of the martial art guy.recommended.

Good Acting, keeps atention. This JCVD movie wont disappoint you.Reviewed byarmindervisevicbaVote: 7/10

JCVD is known for his action movies where hes defeating his opponents and villains with ease which is amusing and fun to watch but almost hard to imagine in reality but in this movie his acting comes first. He is really good and story is maybe cheap but ending is makes it special. Movie is pretty much dark when we talk about story line but what is the more important that it does not include unreal action scenes or plot holes. Dialogue is solid and as i mention acting is fair with very good effort from Van Damme to make it count. I suggest you to watch this movie, you wont regret it.

One of the best action hero performance if not the bestReviewed bycordier_romainVote: 10/10

If you want to see what a real action actor is, you need to watch this movie.Jean-Claude's acting is absolutely accurate. After all that have been said on him, I truely lack words to describe how good he is. Not because I never believed he could, but finally he is given a role at the height of his mastery.Don't even think and go watch it.

Will talk of this movie to my friends so they see it.Absolutely stunning ladies and gentlement, I'm both in awe and shock by the masterpiece you delivered. Hat off to the crew.

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