Summer with Monika (1953) 1080p YIFY Movie

Summer with Monika (1953) 1080p

Sommaren med Monika is a movie starring Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg, and Dagmar Ebbesen. A pair of teenagers meet one summer day, start a reckless affair and abandon their families to be with one another.

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  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Summer with Monika (1953) 1080p

Harry Lund is a nineteen-year-old man who meets Monika, a romantic, reckless and rebellious seventeen-year-old, and they fall in love. They leave their families and jobs in their small town, Harry gets his father's boat and they spend the summer together in an isolated island. Monika gets pregnant, and Harry decides to marry her. He grows up, gets a job and returns to his studies, trying to improve their lives and raise their daughter June, while Monika just wants to have fun.

The Director and Players for Summer with Monika (1953) 1080p

[Director]Ingmar Bergman
[Role:]?ke Fridell
[Role:]Dagmar Ebbesen
[Role:]Lars Ekborg
[Role:]Harriet Andersson

The Reviews for Summer with Monika (1953) 1080p

Simple movie with mesmerizing scenesReviewed byokidanVote: 9/10

This is the first Bergman movie I comment on. Not because it's one of his best, it's definitely not, imo. And not because it's one of my favorite Bergman movies, because it's not.

This film is not your typical Bergman movie. It belongs to his early career, and there is not much about religion or subtle symbolisms. It's just a simple beautiful movie which makes you think, not with sorrow, but with love. There are so many beautiful and original scenes, and the movie is so contemporary - it's definitely underrated.

I would say this is one of the best works belonging to his early career. It's simplicity and true beauty will leave you thinking about it for a long time and keep you returning to it again and again.


While this Swedish forebear of the British kitchen sink dramas entertains, it is not among Bergman's greatest workReviewed bycrculverVote: 7/10

In Ingmar Bergman's 1953 film SOMMAREN MED MONIKA (The Summer with Monika), young, idealistic Harry (Lars Ekborg) meets the freespirited Monika (Harriet Andersson). Fed up with their dull stockroom jobs as midsummer approaches, they quit and and escape together to one of the myriad islands in the Stockholm archipelago. But while Harry is keen to get back to civilization and further his education in order to support the child they will soon have, Harriet thinks little of the future, pursuing her own whims of the moment. Harry is definitely the protagonist here, and receives the sympathy of the viewer as this bad girl tears his life apart.

Upon its release, this film was a major contribution to Sweden's mid-century reputation as a sexually liberated place. However, that's all very much in the past. There is only one scene of (rear) nudity, and for the most part what 1950s audiences found scandalous is just some snogging that wouldn't raise eyebrows today. Still, Andersson does know how to flaunt her sex appeal, her full lips and proportioned figure, to the camera.

In my opinion, this is not one of the greatest films of the auteur scene. Ingmar Bergman would go on to create a series of masterpieces that totally shook my world, but SOMMAREN MED MONIKA is a somewhat ordinary study of working class life and a morality tale much like British audiences would start getting with their kitchen sink dramas (e.g. BILLY LIAR) in the following years. There is also a totally contrived -- and rather inexplicable -- fight scene that Bergman needlessly uses to make Harry look chivalrous. Still, it is interesting to see a Sweden of severe class divisions that is now almost gone, with alcoholism-stricken families in dire poverty living alongside more fortunate Stockholm residents who keep servants. The first third of the film is almost like listening to an Allan Pettersson symphony.

All in all, the film is entertaining and teaches us something about an earlier time and place, but don't think this is one of the more serious films that established Ingmar Bergman as one of the most daring and insightful filmmakers of the 20th century.

A good film, but the subtitles could have been betterReviewed byalan-467Vote: 8/10

I saw this film way back in about 1972 (when it was already nearly 20 years old) and thought it was very good (I had recently had a not-too-dissimilar experience with a Swedish girl - happily without the consequences of a resulting child!), so bought a copy of the DVD when I noticed it in my local store.

I still like it a lot and would recommend it to anyone, but wanted to comment about the subtitles on my DVD copy. I am British, but, because I have lived in Sweden, I can understand most of the film without needing the English subtitles and it struck me that the subtitles miss out a lot that is relevant to the story. Even the translation of the title isn't strictly accurate - "Sommaren med Monika" should really be translated as "THE Summer with Monika", emphasising the fact that the affair only lasted for one Summer - a subtle but important nuance. Most Swedes are better in English than I am in Swedish, so I would appreciate knowing whether they agree with me. I suppose that it is inevitable that there are always subtleties that are lost in translation.

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