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Stoned (2005)

Stoned is a movie starring Leo Gregory, Paddy Considine, and David Morrissey. A chronicle of the sordid life and suspicious death of Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones, who was found in the bottom of his swimming pool weeks after...

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The Synopsis for Stoned (2005) 720p

Fact-based story about the drug-addled and sordid life of The Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Unfortunately the story moves so quickly into the sensationalized decadence and drug-induced state of Jones, that the unknowing viewer has to wonder why anyone would care. There are only a few framing sequences with members of The Stones, particularly Keith Richards, that show they had a great respect for him and tried to bring him back into the band as he drifted away. Mixed into the destruction of Jones is a common builder, Frank Thorogood, who is given the unenviable task of trying to please Jones by rebuilding his estate and to watch him per Jones' manager's instructions. Thorogood's life is so far removed from all of the sex and drugs that he sees, that he envies and desires the tawdry life as well, but never quite fits in. Unfortunately, at least according to this film and according to a supposed death bed confessional of Thorogood in 1993, it led to Thorogood's murder of Jones in a...

The Director and Players for Stoned (2005) 720p

[Director]Stephen Woolley
[Role:]Leo Gregory
[Role:]Ben Whishaw
[Role:]Paddy Considine
[Role:]David Morrissey

The Reviews for Stoned (2005) 720p

Pass The DutchieReviewed byvalis1949Vote: 8/10

Although STONED might not be a truly accurate representation of Brian Jones's last hours, it does demonstrate a plausible and more believable account than the more simplistic, "Death By Misadventure" hypothesis. The crux of the theory is propagated in Geoffrey Giuliano's book, THE WILD AND WICKED WORLD OF BRIAN JONES, but the conclusions of this book are still conjecture, and largely based on the deathbed confession of Frank Thorogood (played by Paddy Considine). However, in this film, Considine gives a tremendous performance as the blue-collar contractor who is strangely attracted, yet repulsed by the bohemian lifestyle of the most decadent Stone, Brian Jones. The chronology of the film documents the Stones trajectory from minor Blues Aficionados, through Teen Idols, and on to an exploration of Jones's inability as group leader, to stimulate the band in a revolutionary new direction. Although, the film doesn't mention it, Mick Jagger was an accounting major, and he clearly has never lost sight of the monetary value of things. I think that Jagger has always viewed Art as runner-up to Business, and his view has proved transcendent within the world of The Stones. STONED provides a fascinating portrait of a man utterly devoted to the indulgence of sensual pleasures above all else, and the dire consequences of cheating and exploiting those closest to him.

Reviewed byjason-turnbullVote: 8/10/10

In retrospect a musician who did not compose the songs for which he/sheis famous would not ordinarily be remembered 40 years after. However,if the musician started the greatest rock n roll band in the world,lived the life of their best songs and contributed immensely to themusic of the sixties, mastering many musical instruments and styles aswell as promoting them, they are not just an ordinary musician.Although the film documents Brian's fascination with the Blues in hisearly years and living a decadent jaded life in his later years itfails to impress on the uninitiated the sparkle of sitars, early synthwork, recorders, etc, etc that Brian enhanced the pop charts with onhis journey through the sixties. None of the original Rolling Stonessongs are present and although the covers, etc, represent the decadethey do not adequately represent Brian's gift to music. I believe thisis copyright related but actually sums up the frustrations of his lifethat he was not allowed to share composing credits, etc and wasbasically conned out of ownership of the band in the process. BrianJones's death was a tragedy but his life was marred by controversybalanced against fine work as a musician which should be rememberedmost and probably is a bit by the end of the film, though not as muchas I would have liked to see.

Reviewed bywadechurtonVote: 3/10/10

No, one should not expect a fictionalization of the Stones' story, butone does expect a reasonable attempt at a depiction of Brian Jones'time with them. As it is, the Stones are peripheral characters in thescreenplay. Apart from a few bluesy jams, their own music is absententirely. The story focuses on the relationships between Jones and hisforeman/com-padre Frank Thorogood, out at the rock star's countryestate. The large house is conspicuously the movie's prime set. Fine,'Stoned' had a low budget. Then again, it's from a real-life storywhich was basically made up of people talking, fighting and fallingover. Not so fine is that 'Stoned' had to be so bad. One of the hardestthings to swallow about 'Stoned' was the casting of Leo Gregory asJones. He does little characterization beyond a 'fatalistic' smile, andalthough 27 years old himself (Jones' age at the time of his death), onscreen he looks ten years older and wears a risible array of mail-orderhairpieces to represent the varying Jones eras. At times he looks likea young Jon Pertwee in a fright wig. The direction by Stephen Wooley iswildly erratic and at times laughable. Jefferson Airplane's 'WhiteRabbit' underscoring an acid trip scene is the hack cinematicequivalent of the 'city/pretty' hack songwriting rhyme. It took Wooleyten years to put this botch-up together? Looks more like it wasdesperately cobbled together late Sunday night and breathlessly handedin by the Monday 9AM deadline. Another Bad Movie Night contender.

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