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Rendition (2007) 720p YIFY Movie

Rendition (2007)

Rendition is a movie starring Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Peter Sarsgaard. After a terrorist bombing kills an American envoy in a foreign country, an investigation leads to an Egyptian who has been living in the United...

IMDB: 6.82 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.48G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: Arabic
  • Run Time: 120
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 0 / 3

The Synopsis for Rendition (2007) 720p

After a terrorist bombing kills an American envoy in a foreign country, an investigation leads to an Egyptian who has been living in the United States for years and who is married to an American. He is apprehended when he's on his way home. The U.S. sends him to the country where the incident occurs for interrogation, which includes torture. An American C.I.A. operative observes the interrogation and is at odds whether to keep it going or to stop it. In the meantime, the man's wife raises hell to find him, but the person behind this refuses to help or give her any information.

The Director and Players for Rendition (2007) 720p

[Director]Gavin Hood
[Role:]Alan Arkin
[Role:]Reese Witherspoon
[Role:]Peter Sarsgaard
[Role:]Jake Gyllenhaal

The Reviews for Rendition (2007) 720p

Rendition: an unfortunate new word to add to our sense of shameReviewed bygradyharpVote: 9/10

RENDITION accomplishes a lot in presenting a story that is tough to watch, tougher to believe, and for all that is a tremendously involving and electrifying movie. It is definitely a message film but that message is delivered by a smart script, a compassionate director, and a dream cast.

But first the word rendition: according to the dictionary, "In law, rendition is a "surrender" or "handing over" of persons or property, particularly from one jurisdiction to another. For criminal suspects, extradition is the most common type of rendition. Rendition can also be seen as the act of handing over, after the request for extradition has taken place." For many this may not be news, but for those who are not privy to our Intelligence games, the concept is a terrifying one. For this film Kelley Sane has provided director Gavin Hood with a script that examines the horrors of rendition and in doing so the two have created a story we simply cannot ignore.

Anwar El-Ibrahimi (Omar Metwally) is an Egyptian-born American working in South Africa as the film begins: his very pregnant wife Isabella (Reese Witherspoon) awaits his return home but when Anwar doesn't appear at the airport, the enigma begins. Anwar has been taken prisoner in Egypt where he is tortured and interrogated for information by the cruel Abasi Fawal (Yigal Naor) while a reluctant CIA investigator Douglas Freeman (Jake Gyllenhaal) stands by, the two attempting to extract secrets to be provided to the USA: behind the scenes in Washington DC the extraordinary rendition is piloted by Intelligence expert Corrine Whitman (Meryl Streep). Isabella attempts to uncover the truth of her missing husband's whereabouts and involves an old friend (Peter Sarsgaard) to help her. Nothing goes well, not in the US or in Egypt, where the interrogator Abasi discovers the evil that is brewing within his own family. It is Isabella's persistence, Anwar's endurance, and the ultimate heroism of Douglas Freeman that allow the resolution to the nightmare.

The cast is uniformly strong, the grim realities of the torture chambers are almost unbearable to watch, and the in-our-face discovery of how our Intelligence system works (especially since 911) is terrifying. Added to the DVD is a short film about two men who talk about personal experiences with 'rendition'. It is a kick in the gut and demands action from the viewer to become an activist in preventing the continuation of these tactics. Grady Harp

Tough one to watchReviewed bybob-rutzel-1Vote: 8/10

CIA analyst Douglas Freeman (Gyllenhaal) gets to see his first secret location interrogation when Anwar (Metwally) is accused of having contact with a known terrorist bomb maker. Anwar's wife (Witherspoon) is frantic regarding the whereabouts of her husband .

Don't you just hate it when the title of a movie sends you to a dictionary? I must have an old edition as this Rendition is not a musical piece. No, it's the government's way of legally taking a resident or citizen somewhere to interrogate him and possibly use some torture to get the desired information.

While watching this movie I was reminded of a similar story line in the Crossing Jordan TV show (now off the air), and I expect we will see even more of these story lines. It's inevitable. The events of 911 are the catalysts.

This is a tough one to watch because we don't like to see people tortured and our government not telling the truth about things. We like the idea that no matter what happens or happened that we can go somewhere to find answers, but when that door is closed to us, we are truly lost and without hope as Anwar's wife was.

Performances by all were first class and it's possible we may see more of Igai Naor (I have no idea how to pronounce it) because he resembles and can act like Telly Savalas. No kidding.

Violence: Yes, Sex: No, Nudity: No, Language: Yes

Just Not EnoughReviewed byalexkolokotronisVote: 3/10

Making the movie Rendition was a very good idea and addresses an important problem that is occurring today. This movie though does fall short. It did not have the juice that Lions for Lambs or the shocking portrayals of a documentary.

The acting was for me below average. Reese Witherspoon looked her part and played the way she needed to as a pregnant mother who's husband has been kidnapped. I cannot say the same for the others though. Merryl Streep just annoyed me in this movie. She played as a top employee of the CIA (I think) who gives out the order of torturing someone, but the way she played her role was just so cliché and unoriginal she did not bring anything special that she usually does in other movies. She actually ruined this movie. Then there was Alan Arkin, he played very well but there is just one problem he was in the movie for about as long he is in the advertisements. He did show you what a senator does do but not enough. Peter Sarsgaard did have a very good chance to shine in here but he did not get enough screen time. He was the key to this movie and he just did not have the chance to inspire or perform the way he could have. Jake Gyllenhall who did was just there. I'm not really sure what he was supposed to do in this movie but just stand there. I think he is an overrated an actor and showed that in here. Yigal Noar who played the father looking for his daughter could as well have really had an impact on this movie but just did not. The two actors who played lovers really did not bring enough of an emphasis to there characters at all and it just fell short like the rest of this movie. Omar Metwally who played the man being tortured gave the best performance out of all of these actors.

The directing and writing was poor in Rendition. Gavin Hood and the writer are the main reason why this movie fell short in every aspect. They did not give too much meaning in this movie and did not develop the character in a efficient way. Probably the lack of development of the characters ruined this movie the most. That is why the acting was not too great. How could you write a story like this and not explain who these characters are and why they do the things they do. That is how you explain why people are terrorists, CIA agents, etc. Without that this is a horrible political movie and political statement. This movie does not even tell you the job positions of the Merrly Streep and Yigal Noar who are very important here. This movie needed to be much longer in order to truly push the message of the story forward but it just turned out to be a battle for screen time between the stars of Hollywood. Not enough clarity. Not enough development of characters, not enough reasoning and just too short.

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