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Phoenix (2014) 1080p

Phoenix is a movie starring Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld, and Nina Kunzendorf. A disfigured Holocaust survivor sets out to determine if the man she loved betrayed her trust.

IMDB: 7.31 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | History
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 98
  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 8 / 53

The Synopsis for Phoenix (2014) 1080p

In the aftermath of WWII, Nelly, a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, horribly disfigured from a bullet wound in her face, undergoes a series of facial reconstruction surgeries and decides to find her husband Johnny who works at the Phoenix club in Berlin. Undoubtedly, Nelly is stunning, yet, her new self is beyond recognition, so Johnny, the man who may have betrayed her to the Nazis, will never imagine that the woman in front of him who bears an uncomfortable and unsettling resemblance to his late wife, is indeed her. Without delay, and with the intention to collect the deceased's inheritance, Nelly will go along with Johnny's plot and she will impersonate the dead woman, giving the performance of a lifetime before friends and relatives in a complex game of deceit, duplicity, and ultimately, seduction. In the end, during this masquerade, as the fragile and broken Nelly tries to find out whether Johnny betrayed her or not, she will have to dig deep into her wounded ...

The Director and Players for Phoenix (2014) 1080p

[Director]Christian Petzold
[Role:]Trystan Pütter
[Role:]Nina Hoss
[Role:]Nina Kunzendorf
[Role:]Ronald Zehrfeld

The Reviews for Phoenix (2014) 1080p

Deeply moving, poetic and powerfulReviewed byBrighton DudeVote: 10/10

At first I was quite resistant to this film. I thought, surely plastic surgery was not very good at the end of WWII? I thought surely there would be recognition where there apparently wasn't? Then I began to get it. I saw the poetry in this and how well it was handled. I saw the portrayal of an attempt to reconstruct not a face but of a life, a way of being, before it was destroyed by the Nazis.

That destruction went very far, inevitably corrupting people and causing them to betray one another.

Really this is a very powerful film and I urge anyone to watch it. At present this has a rating of 7.3 here at IMDb but this just tells us how films that appeal to teenagers tend to get high ratings whereas unfortunately truly great films like this one do not do so well.

Weighed Down by ImplausibilitiesReviewed bymbeaghVote: 5/10

There is a plethora of films dealing with the second world war and the holocaust, but relatively few dealing with Germany after the war and the plight of people returning from concentration or prison camps. So I was happy go see Phoenix. The film successfully captures the period, with brusque American occupation soldiers, Berlin reduced to rubble, and people struggling to survive and adapt to new realities. Unfortunately, the story gets bogged down in one implausible plot contrivance after another, which saps it of any dramatic strength despite fine acting. I won't say what these are in the chance that you may see the film. But consider yourself warned.

Phoenix - A Great Metaphor.Reviewed byyk-sampVote: 9/10

Phoenix is a German drama set in the post war Berlin. The plot revolves around Nelly(Nina Hoss), who had been disfigured and underwent surgery, trying to reunite with her husband, Johnny(Ronald Zehrfeld), after being liberated from a concentration camp. Against her friend's advice, Lene(Nina Kunzendorf), who wants to take her to Palestine to keep her safe, Nelly keeps searching for Johnny until she finally finds him. At first, he doesn't recognize his lost wife, thinking that she's dead, and asks for Nelly's help to impersonate her in order to get money from the insurance company. Blinded by love, Nelly accepts Johnny's offer just so she could be able to spend more time with her husband.

While the plot may not seem very interesting, 'Phoenix' more than succeeded in accomplishing exactly what it wanted to accomplish. Even though some story elements and twists may not seem very plausible, the director himself, Christian Petzold, affirmed that the script should not be taken literally all the way. Phoenix is more about the little things such as the subtle emotions given by the actors, especially from Nina Hoss who pulls off one of the best female performances of the year.

The most impressive thing about 'Phoenix' is its obsession with the theme of re-birth, which is also suggested by the title. Nelly reunites with Johnny in front of a club called 'Phoenix', but this doesn't only suggest the re-birth of their relationship, but also Nelly's re- birth as a new person after being surgically reconstructed and after accepting to be Johnny's not-so-fake wife. Another theme employed by the movie is that of lying to yourself instead of accepting the truth. Nelly accepts being Johnny's fake wife, against her friend's advice, so she could be with him, refusing to admit that he had forgotten her, and Johnny refuses to realize that the woman is actually his concentration camp surviving wife because he doesn't want to believe that his wife is still alive.

By the last minutes of the movie, all of the events unfold along with a breath-taking sequence of Nelly performing Tony Bennett's 'Speak Low'; a sequence that leaves not only the audience, but also the other characters completely speechless.

It's also worth noticing that the whole concentration camp survivor status Nelly has is used only as a plot device which helps the movie go on, as opposed to a way of guilting the audience to feel sorry for the character.

Aside from the small technical details which shouldn't bother anyone who can realize why they were actually in the movie, 'Phoenix' is a masterfully crafted film with a great soundtrack, which really sets the mood for every scene, great performances, especially from Nina Hoss and above all, a literally stunning ending which is open to interpretation and which may very well be the best movie ending of the past few years.

That being said, I think it's safe to say that 'Phoenix' may be one of the best movies of this year and should be checked out by everyone.

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