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Nothing Sacred (1937)

Nothing Sacred is a movie starring Carole Lombard, Fredric March, and Charles Winninger. An eccentric woman learns she is not dying of radium poisoning as earlier assumed, but when she meets a reporter looking for a story, she...

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The Synopsis for Nothing Sacred (1937) 720p

Hazel Flagg of Warsaw, Vermont receives the news that her terminal case of radium poisoning from a workplace incident was a complete misdiagnosis with mixed emotions. She is happy not to be dying, but she, who has never traveled the world, was going to use the money paid to her by her factory to go to New York in style. She believes her dreams can still be realized when Wally Cook arrives in town. He is a New York reporter with the Morning Star newspaper. He believes that Hazel's valiant struggle concerning her impending death is just the type of story he needs to resurrect his name within reporting circles after a recent story he wrote led to scandal and a major demotion at the newspaper. He proposes to take Hazel to New York both to report on her story but also to provide her with a grand farewell to life. She accepts. Wally's story results in Hazel becoming the toast of New York. In spending time together, Wally and Hazel fall in love. Hazel not only has to figure out what to do ...

The Director and Players for Nothing Sacred (1937) 720p

[Director]William A. Wellman
[Role:]Charles Winninger
[Role:]Carole Lombard
[Role:]Walter Connolly
[Role:]Fredric March

The Reviews for Nothing Sacred (1937) 720p

Wicked and HilariousReviewed byJay RaskinVote: 10/10

Carole Lombard was 29 when she made this movie. She had been in nearly 70 movies by this time, starring in about 40 of them. She had been famous for ten years. Frederick March was 40 years and had been starring in movies for 8 years. He was starring in his 37th film. Thus we have two top stars, totally professional at this point, yet still young. They're at the top of their game and are a joy to watch. I'm afraid that I have only seen two other Carole Lombard movies, "My Man Godfrey," and "Made for Each Other." Neither of these impressed me. However, this movie did impress me. She is hitting each emotional note perfectly without straining or overacting in any scene. Frederick March stands with Bogart, Muni, Cagney, Gable, Grant and Tracy as one of the top actors of the 1930's. He's on auto-pilot here, but the material is so good that he doesn't really have to inject more than his natural (for the time) acting style. For me, this film ranks with "His Girl Friday" and "It Happened One Night" as one of the best screwball comedies of the 1930's. William Wellman, The director, is as good as they come. He has a great visual sense and knows when to let scenes play out without making too many cuts. In the straight jacket of the Hays Moral Code after 1934, it was difficult to show people acting immorally and having fun without creating a sense of guilt. Somehow, the writer Ben Hecht was able to come right up to the wire and sometimes even jump over. This movie is still more outrageous than most of the outrageous comedies of the last 20 years.

Worthwhile farceReviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 5/10

New York City reporter with his reputation on the line hits paydirt with story of Vermont woman dying of radium poisoning...but she's hiding a brighter diagnosis. Savvy comedy for the most part, with cynical jabs at both small town Americana and the Big City. Unfortunately, film loses steam in its final act. Good work from Carole Lombard(one of her looser, less brash performances)and Frederic March makes it worth seeing. There are some big laughs, but it doesn't stay the course. Remade with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin as "Living It Up" in 1954.

**1/2 from ****

A classic! Lombard shines!Reviewed bygoya-4Vote: 8/10

An unscrupulous reporter takes advantage of a small town girl's supposed imminent death in order to manipulate the public and gain more sales. Lombard however is not that imminent to death and she turns the tables and takes advantage of the situation. Plays as well today as more than sixty years later which proves that while the people may have changed the media stays the same. A good biting satire. on a scale of one to ten..8

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