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Night of the Lepus (1972)

Night of the Lepus is a movie starring Stuart Whitman, Janet Leigh, and Rory Calhoun. Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the south-west.

IMDB: 4.05 Likes

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The Synopsis for Night of the Lepus (1972) 720p

Cole Hillman's Arizona ranch is plagued with 'mongrel' rabbits, and he wants to employ an ecologically sound control method. As a favor to college benefactor Hillman, college president Elgin Clark calls in zoologist Roy Bennett to help. Bennett immediately begins injecting rabbits with hormones and genetically mutated blood in an effort to develop a method of disrupting rabbit reproduction. One of the test subjects escapes, resulting in a race of bloodthirsty, wolf-sized, man-, horse-, and cow-eating bunnies. Eventually the National Guard is called in for a final showdown with the terrorizing rabbits.

The Director and Players for Night of the Lepus (1972) 720p

[Director]William F. Claxton
[Role:]Rory Calhoun
[Role:]Stuart Whitman
[Role:]DeForest Kelley
[Role:]Janet Leigh

The Reviews for Night of the Lepus (1972) 720p

Sam Peckinpah Made This Between The Wild Bunch & Straw DogsReviewed byLeonLouisRicciVote: 7/10

Infamous "Bad Movie" that Attracts Folks Because of its Premise. Giant, Mutated, Killer Rabbits. So They Go Into This Thing with a High Giggle Factor and it Does Prompt Laughter, At Least At First. But Honestly, After the Movie Starts Unreeling it's Not a Laughing Matter. So the Snickering Just Might be That of the Nervous Type.

The Opening Scenes, a Docu-Style Real Life Plague in Australia Where Hundreds and Thousands of Rabbits are Shown (this is real footage) being Stomped, Shot, Clubbed, and Trooped to Their Death with Living Creatures Being Netted, Slaughtered and Brutally Killed.

That's Just the Beginning. In Short Order there is the Shooting of a Horse, Closeups of Bunnies with Bloody Faces, Flashing Their Teeth and Growling. Then there are Numerous Scenes of the Rabbits Feasting on Bodies and More Close Ups, This Time of Mutilated Humans with Dismembered Limbs and Buckets of Blood Flowing All Over the Place.

There's More to Come, Like Electrocutions, and Gunplay with Squibs Splattering and Other Very Gory and Violent Scenes. If You Think this is All Campy Fun, Think Again. This is Horrifying a Lot of the Time. Sure, the Slow Motion Gets Old and Less Effective Every Time it's Used and it's Used Quite Often.

The Rabbits Waver from Very Scary (the close ups) to Not So Scary (those migration slow motion scenes). The Drive In Scene is Probably the Silliest in the Movie and Dosen't Contain Any Rabbits. There is Some Dialog that is Unintentionally Funny.

But, If this Movie is Such a Hoot, Show it to a Group of Tween Girls (it is Rated PG) and Witness the Reaction. Guaranteed, Few of Them will be Laughing and They Might Attack You. Just Not in Slow Motion.

Note?Just kidding, Sam Peckinpah did not Direct this Movie.

What was the intent,here?Reviewed bySmileysWorldVote: 2/10

My review will be brief,here.If you are an adult viewing this film for the first time,you are sure to have a few good laughs. If you are an easily frightened 7 year old kid,such as I was when I saw it,it will give you nightmares about rabbits.I am not sure what the intent was here,whether they felt they had a legitimate horror film,or that they went out of their way to be silly,but the film is exactly that;silly.If your kids are easily frightened,keep them away until they are adults who are able to see the humor.If you are one who likes to collect bad movies for fun,or if you are genuinely frightened by the idea of giant killer rabbits,this one is for you.

"Eh, what's up doc"Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 3/10

The one thing I really liked about Night Of The Lepus was the depiction of that vast army of supersized rabbits. Otherwise a whole lot of familiar players look like they're in some kind of discomfort doing this science fiction epic.

Rabbits do two things very well, they multiply and they eat. The famous introduction of them to Australia is used as an example when they were imported to Australia and become ravaging the food supply.

The same thing is happening in the Southwest USA. One of those effected is rancher Rory Calhoun. He sends for scientific type help and he gets Professor Stuart Whitman and wife Janet Leigh who bring their little daughter with them.

Whitman doesn't play this like Dr. Frankenstein, but he's decided on some radical experimentation with hormones. Does it ever grow wrong with rabbits growing to be the size of SUVs.

This was produced by A.C. Lyles of the geezer westerns of the Sixties. I wish he had stuck to those.

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