Mine Own Executioner (1947) 1080p YIFY Movie

Mine Own Executioner (1947) 1080p

Mine Own Executioner is a movie starring Burgess Meredith, Dulcie Gray, and Michael Shepley. Pretty Molly Lucian enlists the reluctant aid of psychologist Felix Milne in treating her potentially homicidal husband Adam, who refuses...

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The Synopsis for Mine Own Executioner (1947) 1080p

Pretty Molly Lucian enlists the reluctant aid of psychologist Felix Milne in treating her potentially homicidal husband Adam, who refuses to see a "real" psychiatrist. Traumatized in a Japanese prison camp, Adam proves to be on the verge of severe schizophrenia. In his risky struggle to help Adam, Felix finds his none-too-functional home life deteriorating, and is unable to help himself as he helps others. The situation rushes headlong to a suspenseful climax...

The Director and Players for Mine Own Executioner (1947) 1080p

[Director]Anthony Kimmins
[Role:]Dulcie Gray
[Role:]Burgess Meredith
[Role:]Christine Norden
[Role:]Michael Shepley

The Reviews for Mine Own Executioner (1947) 1080p

I once met Nigel BalchinReviewed byanthony-55Vote: 6/10

Interesting a previous reviewer said it might be the first film to feature psycho therapy. When I was invalided out of the army through Northfiuelds Hospital not long after the war my psychiatrist recommended I should read the book. Don't think I did. I worked in the Pinewood Story Department later and met Nigel Balchin. He had been in the army but had done better than me - rising to Brigadier General I think. Booze got him alas.

In this or one of his other books he used the words 'Boffin' for scientist and 'back room boys' - words that have gone into the language.

It comes as a surprise watching this to discover that psychiatry, in this country, was in such a state of infancyReviewed bychristopher-underwoodVote: 8/10

It comes as a surprise watching this to discover that psychiatry, in this country, was in such a state of infancy. Although it was about to be introduced into the NHS, in the early post-war years the insane asylums, where anyone who didn't fit the norm, tended to be tossed still prevailed. The mental effects of warfare were a factor in alerting the authorities to cause and effect more clearly than early childhood incidents, which parents tended to do their best to conceal. So, here we have a film of vital social interest, so intriguing and indeed stunning a 1947 audience that the film receive many plaudits and became the official British entry at Cannes. Burgess Meredith puts in a fine and convincing performance and the entire film is presented in such a way as to titillate, excite and inform with the added bonus of a scary suspense element and killings.

A Mislaid GemReviewed byhowardmorleyVote: 9/10

I have an impressive collection of 1940s movies on DVD but this one has hitherto eluded me.Full marks then to www.youtube.com for up-loading this missing gem of a film and thereby giving me a viewing pleasure.Yes I know that in the immediate post war years the fall out of physical and mental stress from combat affected returning servicemen and that apart from their physical wounds there was a need to treat their minds through psychiatry.Consequently the film industry produced quite a few movies portraying the recovery treatment to war veterans and civilians.Examples were "Spellbound"1946 "The Seventh Veil"1947 & "Since You Went Away "1944.

Dulcie Gray is in her familiar role of a put upon wife (as she played in "They Were Sisters") but in this film she has more character & strength of mind when clumsily supporting her lay-psychiatrist husband (Burgess Meredith).I first saw the attractive Barbara White in "Quiet Weekend" (1946),the sequel to "Quiet Wedding"(1940) and here she has a grown up part playing Molly Sinclair Lucian.Kieron Moore plays her ill-fated mentally distressed war veteran husband, Adam Lucian, who is the main patient of Burgess Meredith.Nigel Balchin wrote the novel on which this screenplay was based.Another intelligent novel by him produced into a film was "The Small Back Room" produced the same year as "My Own Executioner",(1947).

Definitely worth another viewing as long as it remains uploaded on www.youtube.com.I rated it highly 9/10 as one of Burgess Meredith's best films, especially as I noticed it had a rating of only a bit above 6/10.

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