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Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present (2012) 1080p YIFY Movie

Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present (2012) 1080p

A documentary that follows the Serbian performance artist as she prepares for a retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

IMDB: 7.912 Likes

  • Genre: Documentary | Biography
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.63G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 106
  • IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 
  • MPR: Not Rated
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 8

The Synopsis for Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present (2012) 1080p

This feature-length documentary film follows the artist as she prepares for what may be the most important moment of her life: a major retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. To be given a retrospective at one of the world's premiere museums is, for any living artist, the most exhilarating sort of milestone. For Marina, it is far more - it is the chance to finally silence the question she has been hearing over and over again for four decades: 'But why is this art?'

The Director and Players for Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present (2012) 1080p

[Director]Jeff Dupre
[Director]Matthew Akers
[Role:Himself]David Balliano
[Role:Himself]Klaus Biesenbach
[Role:Herself]Marina Abramovic

The Reviews for Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present (2012) 1080p

Performance Art at MOMA and Real LifeReviewed bysfdphdVote: 10/10

I just saw this film at the San Francisco International Film Festival. I thought it was excellent. I had heard about Marina's work, read a few articles and seen a few photos, but this film put it all together and gave me the context that I never had before. It documents a 3 month retrospective of her work that was at the New York MOMA and not only shows details of what it was like to live through those three months, with recreations of many of her historical performances and Marina sitting in front of audience members all day every day, but also shows the back story regarding the work involved in putting something like that together, as well as details about her personal life that are fascinating. Collaborations and interviews with former husband Ulay are particularly poignant. The reactions of some of the audience members at the museum are also quite strange and compelling. I especially liked the children who sat with Marina at the museum and have a feeling that the experience will stay with some of them for a lifetime... This film made me want to seek out more of Marina's work...

Moved me to tears..Reviewed byanz10Vote: 10/10

I have heard of Marina Abramovic but didn't know much about her and was scared it would all be a bit pretentious or she wouldn't be any good or to my taste, (even though I like modern art, but not all of it of course) but I found her truly inspiring, not only that but she is truly down to earth and real, she truly believes in her work and went to great lengths for her art and still does, her life story is telling of this and very engrossing. The exercises she puts the young people through whom she entrusts with reproducing her work for her exhibition, also shows just how much she digs into her own being to give back to others in her art and to her students. I guess I was scared performance art wouldn't live up to what I expected it to be. Whether or not you appreciate her art is not really the point to me, although many people do, it's more important that it comes from a genuine place and that to me makes is true expression, you cannot argue with that. The most touching part of the documentary for me however, was definitely her piece for the exhibition. Marina sat in a chair (initially with a table in between her and the person) in silence for three months, only looking up when a member of the public sat in a chair opposite her. This is no easy feat if you consider we can't even be still for 5mins without back pain or needing to check our iPhones. The intensity and genuine affection/serenity/love and calm she gives each and every individual is deeply moving. She gives each person the attention they deserve, it moved me to tears several times, as it did some of the people sitting opposite her. It made me question just how much we truly "see" each others, or even whether we even really try often enough, how much do we truly care about someones true self and feelings, how many times do we get that attention from someone else, how many lonely people there are in the world. It also made me consider what true connection, love and acceptance can do for the human soul and for the serenity of the world in general and that we are all seeking love. The power of Buddhism and it's principles really do come to light in her work in a very real way. It's made me want to be more accepting of others and myself, it's also made me realise just how deep the need for connection truly goes. Her observation that she becomes someone's mirror and that she can feel people's pain and feelings in a gaze, was telling. I now understand even more deeply how important my need for connection truly is and how it affects me emotionally. Connecting to yourself, others and your "art" or whatever makes you happy is more important than ever in this super busy hyper world, be still and re-focus :)

Eye openingReviewed byMama HVote: 10/10

As we move around the world, giving only the attention we can spare to the people we love and less to the people we don't know, it is easy to forget that every living being needs our whole focus when asked for it. I've never been a big fan of performance art -- ambivalent, really -- but this piece, by the end, had me sitting on the edge of my bed with tears rolling down my cheeks as I marveled at the simplicity and perfection of the final exhibition at MoMA. What a beautiful soul. So affecting just to see on a small TV screen, I can't imagine having been there, personally, to witness it. Ms. Abramovic has tested the limits of her stamina, her courage, her nature and her ability to express love, unconditionally, throughout her life as an artist. Watching her give to strangers what we so selfishly horde from our most intimate kin, was inspiring. Genuine art touches you and leaves a mark. You may be enraged, uncomfortable, disgusted, enamored, in awe... whatever the impact, art makes you FEEL. If it doesn't make you feel, it's just decoration. Marina Abramovic's work -- it really makes you feel. Thank you, Ms. Abramovic.

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