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Loving Pablo (2018)

A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

IMDB: 6.29 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 123
  • IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 
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The Synopsis for Loving Pablo (2018) 720p

In 1981, Virginia Vallejo is a famous Colombia's journalist and TV news anchorwoman who is invited to a VIPs party in the ranch of Pablo Escobar, a low-born man who gained money and power with drug trafficking together his friends, turning them in the new generation of rich men of the country. Seduced by his charisma, Virginia starts a passionate love affair with Escobar despite he's a family man married with María Victoria. Along the 80's years, Escobar becomes famous in his try to better the life of the low-born people of Medellín (Colombia's capital) and raising a politician carrier in the Colombia's congress, but Virginia starts to understand Escobar's real power controlling an empire of crime in Colombia and spreading his drug by all USA. It causes that the DEA's agent Shepard interests by his business and by Virginia, contacting her looking for a way to stop him. With the President Belisario Betancur allying with USA to stop Escobar and extradite him to judge outside Colombia, ...

The Director and Players for Loving Pablo (2018) 720p

[Director]Fernando León de Aranoa
[Role:]Penelope Cruz
[Role:]Peter Sarsgaard
[Role:]Javier Bardem

The Reviews for Loving Pablo (2018) 720p

Silly accents, and a Narcos conglomerate of episodesReviewed bys-bertaVote: 5/10

This is the worst portrayal of Pablo Escobar ever... having actors from Spain try to give Colombian accents to their characters is painful to watch... at some points they don't even try....

The whole movie feels like a bad conglomerate of Netflix's Narcos episodes. They sell it as being set from the point of view of Virginia, but that's only true at the beginning of the film the rest it's just old Pablo Escobar being Pablo Escobar....

If you want to see a more accurate portrayal of Pablo Escobar I would recommend a Colombian production with Colombian actors which is quite good and well documented, it is called "Pablo Escobar; el patrón del mal" produced by caracol... don't waste your time and money with this movie...

Javier Bardem playing a infamous drug lord. Do we need to say anything more?Reviewed byKapten VideoVote: 7/10

The popculture's one of the more iconic real-life drug barons Pablo Escobar returns to screen, played by Javier Bardem.

The notorious man's rule and eventual fall are portrayed by the perspective of a journalist (Penélope Cruz) who was his long-time lover - the screenplay is based on the book that she published.

A real-life epic drama, starred by two of the Spanish cinema's biggest gifts to modern Hollywood? It is easy to imagine this being a vanity project with not much real depth or dramatic heft.

And you would be right to think that. "Loving Pablo" is more about the excitement of watching Bardem and Cruz re-enacting the great soap opera / crime story than giving intellectually exciting excursion to the mind and life of the great mr Escobar.

There's nothing markedly unique about the story, just more rehashing of popular "greed is good" and mafia cliches that we've witnessed in mainstream movies and series released in the last thirty years or so (since Oliver Stone invented them for "Wall Street").

The character- and relationship development in the centre of the story feel functional but overall shallow. Sometimes the narrator just conveniently mentions something to add important new information which one can't just deduce from seen events. For example that Virginia was afraid of Pablo too, and Pable often cheated on her also.

Maybe the new, 16 minutes shorter cinema cut is to blame? IMDb and some reviews suggest is should last 123 minutes instead of 107. The longer version's additional material may have made the story better.

But one can't argue with the movie's two biggest trumps which make it easily worth the ticket price or time spent.

Firstly, the adrenaline-soaked violence. Sure, there is a great number of movies and series out there that make killing and hurting people look cool, as opposed to real life where it seems much more horrifying and much less less picturesque.

But "Loving Pablo" is really in the league of its own, all this killing business looks amazing and visually inventive. R-rating well earned. Not that I condone violence in real life... but still.

Secondly, Bardem, great as always. Witnessing his mesmerizing performance as the drug lord is a pleasure indeed.

I do not especially care how realistic his approach to the real-life Escobar is - don't think it matters, really - but Bardem looks every inch as sly and dangerous human beast as the kingpin must have been in his lifetime. Lifeless, half-shut, lurking eyes, curled hair, pot-belly... he creates a powerful and memorable cinematic gangster for sure.

Also, I may be the only one to say this, but I'd like to see Nicolas Cage fill this role. Watching Bardem, I constantly felt that Cage would also be great as this character.

Cruz is good too but she's more of a supporting player, and her character is not fascinating in her own right. More like a decoration in the great big painting of Escobar's life.

"Loving Pablo" was first released in Venice Film Festival last September, but the distributors have made a wise choice to release it widely this summer instead.

Wise because it's entertaining cinema but a rather shallow movie, easily watchable and digestible on the go. In other words, good for summer season.

This film should have been in Mandarin.Reviewed bygeorgemartiniVote: 6/10

I was eating Chinese take-out food and I thought it would be cool if this film was in Chinese with Indonesian subtitles. Watching Spanish speaking actors speak English is like totally awesome, but I like to think outside the Moo Goo Gai Pan....

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