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Lost Wilderness (2015)

Four would-be siblings on an outdoor vacation are encouraged to bond by their parents. The four adventurers journey out of bounds into the wild on their ATV's in search of a family relic. ...

IMDB: 8.57 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 8.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Lost Wilderness (2015) 720p

Four would-be siblings on an outdoor vacation are encouraged to bond by their parents. The four adventurers journey out of bounds into the wild on their ATV's in search of a family relic. They soon find themselves lost in the woods and ill equipped to deal with not only the rugged terrain but each other. This is a story of hope and overcoming, full of humor and fun. Its a coming of age tale not only for kids but for parents as well.

The Director and Players for Lost Wilderness (2015) 720p

[Director]Wes Sargent
[Director]Garnet Campbell
[Role:]Emma Lindsay
[Role:]Artine Brown
[Role:]Connor Beardmore

The Reviews for Lost Wilderness (2015) 720p

Best movie of all timeReviewed bytannersaunders-29672Vote: 10/10

There is no Hollywood a-listers in this indie film but for me and my kids it hit all the emotional marks, we laughed, we cried, the bear attack was scary. It's not a big budget film but the location where they shot it contained some breathtaking scenery. Families who have a camping background will appreciate and understand how quickly things can go wrong in the wild.

One bad decision after another put these kids in big trouble. The performances from the young cast was great. It wasn't as adult oriented or hardcore as 'Stand By Me' but the story had that vibe to it.

I'm a musician and appreciated the country flavored guitar based sound track, so I was pleased with that as so many indie films fail in that area.

We are a blended family and it actually allowed my kids to process some of the things they have been feeling in our new family. We recently watch Tomorrowland and my boys liked this better.

A complete waste of timeReviewed bykoderrimoVote: 1/10

So far the worst movie I have seen in 2016 and 2017. The acting is poor, fake and it doesn't transmit any emotions. Going to an end-of-the year middle school play is definitely a better option. The movie, despite being set around an astonishing scenery has no capacity of transmitting the beauty of the surrounding. The lightening is poor despite the photography being decent. The sound management is also really bad, something the actors voices are really loud and some other times you can hardly hear them speak because of the surrounding noise. Overall, the screenplay is amateurish, boring and doesn't provide anything other than 2 hours of boring scenes with no pathos whatsoever. I really don't see how people could have rated this **** 9 or 10, this is just pure rubbish. Save yourself this waste of time and engage with something else.

This movie gives HeadachesReviewed byprudhvizzzzVote: 3/10

Extremely boring film it gave me a headache I don't know how this is rated around 8 the movie lacks everything one boring and old school story. The plot doesn't contain any interesting twists or turns a total time waste. I recommend this film to an age group under 10 a family drama. I am only continuing my review because the minimum length for a review should have 10 lines of text. LOL have a nice day GTFO unexciting, boring, dull, tiresome, wearisome, tedious, dreary, tiring, flat, lifeless, monotonous, humdrum, uneventful, slow, unvaried, repetitious these are some synonyms for the above. an epic fail when it comes to story telling and casting.

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