Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p YIFY Movie

Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

Light Sleeper is a movie starring Willem Dafoe, Susan Sarandon, and Dana Delany. A drug dealer reconsiders his profession when his boss plans to go straight and an old flame reappears.

IMDB: 6.93 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.62G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 10

The Synopsis for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

A drug dealer with upscale clientele is having moral problems going about his daily deliveries. A reformed addict, he has never gotten over the wife that left him, and the couple that use him for deliveries worry about his mental well-being and his effectiveness at his job. Meanwhile someone is killing women in apparently drug-related incidents.

The Director and Players for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

[Director]Paul Schrader
[Role:]Susan Sarandon
[Role:]Dana Delany
[Role:]Willem Dafoe
[Role:]David Clennon

The Reviews for Light Sleeper (1992) 1080p

Reviewed bymifunesamuraiVote: 9/10/10

A drug runner searchers for redemption in a life that only has a past andpresent with no future in sight. Top performance from Willem and a clevercharacterisation from Saradon. The dialogue fits in perfectly while themusic sets the mood right.

Reviewed byDarren Burns (Darren-12)Vote: 10/10/10

Paul Schrader's finest film to date, and firmly lodged in my top 10, this isa surprisingly overlooked and underrated gem. Often touted as a "modernnoir" movie, I really don't consider it in that genre atall.

The heart of the film is a reworking of the themes embodied in Schrader'searlier film "American Gigolo", where a man is forced to confront the factthat the life he is leading is fundamentally unsatisfying, reassess what hewants to do, find out who his real friends are and ultimately get redeemedthrough love.

Willem Dafoe's character Le Tour's journey is a slow but inevitable one, ashis drug-dealing days are numbered due to his boss Susan Sarandon (alsosplendid) "going straight". Most of the scenes take place at night (hencethe noir tag), but this is partly a consequence of the drug-dealing aspectand partly to capture the unreal mood of a man who doesn't know where hefits in to "normal" life. The device whereby Le Tour spends many hourswriting his thoughts in an exercise book, throwing it away when he fills it,then starting another one, is so strong and startling that I put aside myusual dislike of narration. The soundtrack is also excellent and fits andexpands the mood very well.

The best scene is probably the one in the hospital cafeteria, where Le Tourhas a conversation with his ex-girlfriend that he hasn't seen for a longtime - immaculately acted, tremendously understated with so many thingsgoing unsaid... The final scene, although Schrader nicked it from a Frenchfilm, and used it before in "Gigolo", is still very powerful, based on theidea that whether a man is in prison or not is completely unrelated towhether he is free.

"White drugs for white people"Reviewed bypzivojinovicVote: 7/10

This is a pretty good movie about a drug dealer with a conscience. I enjoyed the look and feel of the film, but felt that the script and story-line struggled at points. In one instance, Dafoe's character relates "White drugs for white people". Also, Dana Delaney puts in a good performance but definitely second to Dafoe's - her performance is not quite complete, and I was left feeling as though the film just had that extra something missing.

This is a brilliant film. The raw, humane, unvarnished look at the life of a mid level drug dealer in Manhattan is uniquely captivating, and Willem Defoe plays the part to perfection. The story itself is underwhelming, common, real. The protagonist's struggles through life are much like anyone else's. Anyone else's in New York, at least. But the context of his life, the rhythms of it, are very different. The random encounters with love and violence touch him as arbitrarily as they touch each of us, and he reacts to them with the same confusion, elation, and pain. This is the film's genius, and it allows an unusually close emotional bond to develop between the protagonist and the audience.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

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