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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a video starring Benjamin Bratt, Michael C. Hall, and Tamara Taylor. In an alternate universe, very different versions of DC's Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman), who operate outside of...

IMDB: 7.11 Likes

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The Synopsis for Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) 720p

In an alternate universe, Superman is the son of Zod and was raised by a caring couple of Mexican immigrants living in harsh conditions, Batman is a young vampiric doctor, Kirk Langstrom, obsessed with an everlasting search for a cure for his disease and Wonder Woman is Bekka, the widowed queen of the world of Darkside. The three antiheroes unite and create the Justice League, despite wheelchair-bound Lex Luthor and others' protests. They operate often outside of the law and often kill the villains, but the US government tolerates them and works with them to an extent, since the three are willing to cooperate with the authorities and they never kill civilians. However, the all out paranoia and protests against their methods and untouchable position are growing. Things take a turn for the worse, when they are framed for a series of murders of famous scientists, who work for the government, and President Amanda Waller orders their arrest. They decide to violently resist arrest at all ...

The Director and Players for Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) 720p

[Director]Sam Liu
[Role:]Michael C. Hall
[Role:]Tamara Taylor
[Role:]Paget Brewster
[Role:]Benjamin Bratt

The Reviews for Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) 720p

The absolute worst DC animated film they have made yet.Reviewed byZaklausVote: 1/10

First off, I have to say that I am a big fan of the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons. (also made by Bruce Timm) If you are looking for something with that sort of feel, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

While some of the ideas in this movie were pretty good, (I liked the new Wonder Woman background in particular), they fail to make up for the atrocious voice acting, dialog, writing and pacing.

After thinking about it, I can honestly say that not a single character was the least bit likable. I had difficulty even finishing this piece of garbage and only continued watching to see if any of its potential would be realized. (I was disappointed.)

In summary, don't waste your time on this movie. If you're looking for a "Justice League" movie, this isn't one. If you're looking for a fun, creative action flick set in an alternate universe, well, it got the alternate universe part.

This movie sucked.

just doesn't feel like a Justice League movie..Reviewed bykieranbattamsVote: 5/10

I love the DC animated films. Batman Under the red hood, Assault on Arkham and Justice League Flashpoint are near masterpieces and they have a rewatchability value. This one was dull and forgettable. Had a promising start but my mind drifted and i could not get into it if i'm honest.

From the beginning of the film i was confused. Maybe i have missed something from another Justice League film but why does 'Gods and Monsters' take place in an alternative universe for a start? We get new versions of Superman (looking like Frylock from ATHF), Batman (looking like Nightowl from Watchmen) and Wonder Woman, but none of the others? No Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern etc. I mean it was hard to follow at first, but with a good storyline it could have worked. Yet i cant even remember much of the storyline for this one. Zod is trying to take over the world and this alternate Justice League stop him? I didn't really like Batman's new powers either. He was some sort of vampire and he actually killed his victims, yes this Batman has victims! Sure, in Flashpoint Thomas Wayne took on the mantle of Batman and killed a lot of people, but this was shown to us properly with a real plot device and we knew that this was not the Batman we are used to. With Gods and Monsters its harder to establish because we meet this guy from the start and are given no backstory based around him. The worst part for me was that on the poster we see the Trinity we know and love, but they never show up, not even to tell us what is going on.

I don't have such a problem with alternate universes. Like i said, Flashpoint takes place in most of the alternate universe with different versions of the characters, Superman was skinny etc. But it was explained which is what this film needed, maybe even through flashbacks at the beginning of the film. I didn't actually have a problem with the new version of Wonder Woman. She looked cool and was a badass like her well- known self. She was the only one that vaguely felt like a member of the league. In the end, there isn't much to say. I was looking forward to 'Gods and Monsters' got to see it early and well.. I'd recommend watching one of the dozens of other DC animated films instead. It isn't a terrible film, just lacks what most superhero features offer us today. I hope the next one gives us something more satisfying.

Thank You, Bruce TimmReviewed bydramafreak42Vote: 9/10

To say that I've become disenfranchised by the DC Animated films would be a bit of an understatement. Ever since Justice League: War, they've just been a mess. There was the one bright spot of Assault on Arkham but otherwise they've just been dull action movies that don't do the characters justice. Thank goodness WB brought back Bruce Timm, who was one of the primary creative forces behind the Batman and Justice League animated series that kicked off DC animated projects being good in the first place. The result is the best DC animated film since New Frontier.

Gods and Monsters can be said to be the first true Elseworlds story that's been done in animation. Sure there's been some parallel world stuff (Crisis on Two Earths) and plenty of out of continuity stand alones (like the aforementioned New Frontier) but they've still kept the characters pretty close to the standard versions we all know. None have really tried to craft a completely new vision of what these characters are, and that's what this story does. It makes the wise choice of having different characters taking on the mantles of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman rather than actually trying to muck about with Clark, Bruce or Diana. Instead Superman is the son of Zod, Batman is Kirk Langstrom (better known as the Man-Bat in the main DC universe) and Wonder Woman is one of the New Gods (such as High Father and Darkseid.) Their backstories are explored just enough to give a good picture of these versions without ever bogging down the narrative itself.

Like any good Elseworlds story, this is an "all bets are off" take where any prior knowledge of the main DC universe can add some weight when characters like Victor Fries or Dr. Sivanna get name dropped, but nobody is exactly the same as their standard representation. All of the voice work is solid, and each of the primary characters (and even some of the secondary ones) are given the chance to stretch a little and show some dimension.

The action is also a huge step up from what we've gotten lately. Most of the DCAU films based on the New 52 continuity have had well done yet rather mundane action sequences. The problem is that those films are trying for a more realistic version of fights, which isn't what animation is good for. Animation is good for over the top stuff that couldn't be replicated by just two actors and a fight choreographer, and that over the top stuff is what we get here.

I don't think I can recommend this highly enough for anybody who has found the recent output of DC animated films to be sorely lacking. This is a return to form, it's a top notch story, it's a fun and engrossing new take on characters and it's the kind of thing I hope we see more of in the future.

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