Houdini (1953) 1080p YIFY Movie

Houdini (1953) 1080p

Houdini is a movie starring Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, and Torin Thatcher. The spectacular but tragically short career of magician and illusionist Harry Houdini whose tricks defied explanation and safety.

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The Synopsis for Houdini (1953) 1080p

The amazing career of master magician Harry Houdini is presented from his beginnings with a carnival "wild man" act to his emergence as an internationally-acclaimed illusionist, From his dramatic escape from a locked safe under the frozen Detroit River to an even more improbable one from a locked cell in Scotland Yard, he never failed to please and astound his audiences. Although Houdini's tricks are achieved through his marvelous physical dexterity and innate sleight-of-hand, he courted death with the hazardous illusions he performed and his compulsive quest to make contact with the spirit world.

The Director and Players for Houdini (1953) 1080p

[Director]George Marshall
[Role:]Tony Curtis
[Role:]Torin Thatcher
[Role:]Janet Leigh
[Role:]Angela Clarke

The Reviews for Houdini (1953) 1080p

Super glossy, super fictionalized bio pic...Reviewed bymoonspinner55Vote: 6/10

The story of master magician Harry Houdini (1874?1926) becomes a glossy star-vehicle for Tony Curtis in the lead--and though the facts of Houdini's life are lumped right together with the Hollywood dross (as if this movie magazine-styled spread were one big true-life story), one is drawn in by Curtis' apparent commitment to the role. Director George Marshall stages some exciting set-pieces and a nice romance ensues between Tony's Houdini and assistant Bess, played by Curtis' real-life spouse Janet Leigh (doing appealing work). Philip Yordan adapted Harold Kellock's book, and the results are (surprisingly) entertaining despite all the requisite corn and clichés. **1/2 from ****

Charming classic with a theatrical flairReviewed bybrendanjames-41697Vote: 7/10

A romantic film in colour-popping technicolour about the magic of storytelling and illusionism. Tony Curtis as Houdini... wasn't sure at first but it works with Janet Leigh as his wife - so for star power alone it sells its message.

I chose this film on Netflix having heard of Houdini through a Kate Bush song of the same name. Because I know the song quite well, I was kind of comparing the narrative of this film to the narrative of the song as I was watching, and I felt that the two do compliment each other well. So I would definitely recommend listening to Kate's less glossy spin on it after watching this (any excuse, though I'm pretty sure she was watching this when she chose to write the song from the perspective of Houdini's wife, Bess).

The real star, in my opinion, was the set design. It does well to keep us under spell of theatricality, and while it's never going to be Moulin Rouge it does hold up well in this department. Janet Leigh wears some wonderful period/showgirl costumes, and Tony Curtis gets ample an oppurtunity show off the fact that he's been working out, so there is eye candy galore.

Plot-wise, it's consistent - each scene has a narrative purpose and the screenwriter balances the plight of a showman versus the relationship with his wife well. Some excellent examples of coded suggestivity throughout the first half. The stage tricks are authentic and build suspense well.

Overall, a great pick for a Sunday afternoon classic. While this film won't change your life (like Moulin Rouge did for me), it's well made, well produced, interesting enough and you might learn something about the craft of stage-magic.

Curtis Gives Another Good PerformanceReviewed byccthemovieman-1Vote: 7/10

Tony Curtis is almost always good in whomever he plays, and he was fascinating in here as the famous magician "Harry Houdini." Curtis had a number of good roles in his prime. Speaking of "prime," Janet Leigh didn't look too bad in her prime, either: a very pretty lady.

I don't know how accurate this biography was, but I do know that this movie should have been longer. I usually say the opposite about films, but in this case, I would like to have seen more details about his life and death. His failure to communicate with dead - Houdini's misguided belief - wasn't discussed much.

I guess there were a couple of more modern-day films on Houdini, but they must not have been anything much since I never heard about them. Too bad, because a good re-make of this movie might be something to see.

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