Do You Trust this Computer? (2018) 720p YIFY Movie

Do You Trust this Computer? (2018)

Artificial Intelligence: Monster or Shangri-La?

IMDB: 7.76 Likes

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  • Run Time: 78
  • IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Do You Trust this Computer? (2018) 720p

Science fiction has long anticipated the rise of machine intelligence. Today, a new generation of self-learning computers is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Incomprehensible amounts of data are being collected, interpreted, and fed back to us in a tsunami of apps, smart devices, and targeted advertisements. Virtually every industry on earth is feeling this transformation, from job automation to medical diagnostics, from elections to battlefield weapons. Do You Trust This Computer? explores the promises and perils of this developing era. Will A.I. usher in an age of unprecedented potential, or prove to be our final invention?

The Director and Players for Do You Trust this Computer? (2018) 720p

[Director]Chris Paine
[Role:]Christine Fox
[Role:]David Ferrucci
[Role:]Rana El Kaliouby
[Role:]James Barrat

The Reviews for Do You Trust this Computer? (2018) 720p

A load of bull faecesReviewed byarrivaVote: 1/10

This is *not* a *documentary* about AI - it's a feature film about AI which mostly consists of falsehoods about the current state of AI and, based on these falsehoods, it paints the picture of future which is nothing but someone's crazy fantasy.

We are no close to general AI than we were 60 years ago. If you want yet another reason not to sleep well at night - go watch this steaming pile of bull faeces which speculates about something no one has ever seen and most experts AI don't see happening in the next 50-400 years (or maybe never).

It's worth noting that this film was sponsored by Elon Musk - a famous entrepreneur but who has zero relationship to artificial intelligence, neurology and brain research.

If you want unbiased opinions from experts in the field, go watch:

2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial IntelligenceSuperintelligence: Science or Fiction? Elon Musk & Other Great Minds

Fear the it is. Today.Reviewed bycarnagecarneyVote: 10/10

A very well thought out and thought provoking documentary.

What is crazy about this documentary is, it is not sci-fi. It is not a view of the "technology of tomorrow" - it is the technology of today. The future is now.

Some of the brightest minds and leading researchers weigh in with examples of the impact AI is already having on our lives. How AI has helped shape global politics based on massive demographic analytics. How neural-nets we create, produce completely unexpected {and unforeseen} results. And much more...

I found it absolutely fascinating in a terrifying way. It achieves its purpose in highlighting the absolute necessity of a global body to monitor and provide regulatory requirements of AI - before some dude drinking a Red Bull flips a switch to "just test it out"...

Must watch - well done. 10/10

I'm afraid I can't do thatReviewed bymihai_alexandru_chindrisVote: 7/10

It's thought provoking and it definitely rises questions to those who are concerned of their individuality, privacy and so on. Humans can grasp large amounts of information, but with the recent advancements in AI, I might change my perspectives, as the focus shifts more towards this topic. Anyway, we can only imagine of what the future may look like, until "something" else will predict it for us.

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