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Demonic (2015)

Demonic is a movie starring Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, and Cody Horn. A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.

IMDB: 5.30 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 83
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
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The Synopsis for Demonic (2015) 720p

In Louisianna,Detective Mark Lewis is summoned to attend a call from the notorious Livingston House and he finds three bodies and one survivor, John, who is in shock. He calls for backup and also the police psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Klein to interrogate John. They learn that the team of ghost-busters Bryan, John's pregnant girlfriend Michelle, Jules, Donnie and Sam decided to perform a séance in the house, where the owner Marta Livingstone had committed a violent slaughter, to summon their spirits. The séance went wrong and released evil spirits that killed Jules, Donnie and Sam; however Michelle and Bryan are missing. While Elizabeth interrogates John, Mark and the technical team tries to retrieve the hard disks with the footages from the house to find where the other two survivors may be, Detective Lewis discloses a dark supernatural secret about John.

The Director and Players for Demonic (2015) 720p

[Director]Will Canon
[Role:]Frank Grillo
[Role:]Dustin Milligan
[Role:]Maria Bello
[Role:]Cody Horn

The Reviews for Demonic (2015) 720p

Welp, this was what it was.Reviewed byInDyingArmsVote: 5/10

There's many, many, many clichéd horror films revolving around the common plot of a ghost hunting crew receiving more then they bargained for. "Demonic", a horror film taking the said cliché head on, becoming something more then what it was expected.

The acting of this movie was quite straight forward, not really giving anything shocking, or completely impacting. Honestly just was what it was, plain, and simple. The cinematography in this film was nice, but at points got a bit annoying. At some points in the movie, the camera shook, creating it a bit weird, in other words annoying to view the events of which were taking place. As for studio work; lighting, set, etc. It, as said before was what it was. It seemed a bit plain, being seen millions of times before, the same old set of an old haunted house. Even the little twist of set in this film; which won't be spoiled, it still felt clichéd, and seen many, many times before.

The story of this film was, also, quite basic. The story of a ghost hunting team heading into a haunted house to document the strange events, a plot we've audience seen millions of times before, making that part clichéd .. highly. The film, though switched it up a bit, moving, and twisting the plot around a bit, delivering some shock, but not as much as it was more then likely intended to. I also felt as if the characters were plain, but for what they were, involving they're movie rolls, they're characters weren't bad. As said many times now, though, it was quite average, yet worked for the sake of this film.

Finally, I feel as if the movie had some legit atmosphere, in this case, the movie had a creepy, dark feeling of which sent chills down my spine while watching this. Dark, old, unsettling atmosphere combined with some decent timed scares. It seemed unique, saying many times before, the movie having a highly clichéd setting, and plot. For what the movie executed, it had some well scares, as well as some great, creepy atmosphere of which set the mood simplistically.

In conclusion, "Demonic" was considerably an attempt. It had a solid, creepy setting to it. But it doesn't beat the fact that this film took on a highly clichéd plot, making this movie nothing more then average. The movie, also, tried taking on a "large" twist, only leading to be average; "Meh". However, the movie was entertaining, gripping. But once more. It's very, very average. Nothing new whatsoever. I'd recommend it to those looking for a movie for the heck of it; Looking for something unique? Look elsewhere. This movie dose NOT deliver unique elements.

Good watchReviewed bychungmusicVote: 8/10

Demonic is another horror movie under James Wan's filmography. And it's surprisingly a good watch. Better than the Insidious series and the Conjuring series I have to add. Let's face it Insidious 1 was hilarious, remember the mask connected to a headphone via a pipe seance scene? That was absolutely horrendous. The Conjuring two was also really typical and not scary at all (Bethsheba looked so hilarious and the climax was way too overdramatic). Demonic while being quite typical, has a good twist which works for it and quite a good amount of scares. And unlike overdramatics of the above mentioned movie, Demonic plays out in a more suppressive way.

The movie interlaces two timeline overarching the main plot line, with the setting being the same place, an allegedly haunted house turned crime scene. One focuses on the interrogation of a guy named "John" who is suspected of killing his friend, and the other focuses on how John and his friends came to the house. The second timeline plays out as a ghost hunting show, but it works in this case. While the plot is nothing new, there's a twist here and there which works for the movie.

The performances were pretty linear, it wasn't a screamdom like a typical horror movie, there wasn't any overdramatics, it was just pretty straight.

Overall, Demonic is among the better horror movies of this year, while it isn't "unique", there are twists in the movie which makes it for a pretty good watch, and is a better horror movie by James Wan. Recommended to casual horror watchers.

Unexpected and Not BadReviewed byAlise_shenleVote: 8/10

If you come to this movie hoping to be scared like the Conjuring, well this is not it. John (played by the guy who died in Supernatural, Ghostfacers) reprises his role as a stupid teenager who goes to a haunted house to catch ghosts on film, except now he's the MAIN LEAD instead of the guy who dies first. Bad thing is, he still can't act. The other teenagers also have personality as flat as cardboard--a weird pretty girl who think by proving ghosts exist she will not be mocked; an Asian; a guy who thinks he's the leader; and the girlfriend. The only interesting people are the old detective and psychologist. They acted well and believable. Oh, and the ending, that was unexpected, because it was too convoluted. To be frank, there is not much scares. This is more of a mystery movie than horror. Plot holes abound and you will find yourself cursing as the teenagers make stupid mistakes. But it has a few nice scary scenes. Do watch this while waiting for Insidious 3!

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