Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008) 720p YIFY Movie

Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008)

Made in America is a movie starring Jim Brown, Tony Muhammad, and Kershaun Scott. With a first-person look at the notorious Crips and Bloods, this film examines the conditions that have lead to decades of devastating gang violence...

IMDB: 6.94 Likes

  • Genre: Documentary | Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 7

The Synopsis for Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008) 720p

With a first-person look at the notorious Crips and Bloods, this film examines the conditions that have lead to decades of devastating gang violence among young African Americans growing up in South Los Angeles.

The Director and Players for Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008) 720p

[Director]Stacy Peralta
[Role:]Jim Brown
[Role:]Forest Whitaker
[Role:]Kershaun Scott
[Role:]Tony Muhammad

The Reviews for Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008) 720p

Very thorough, visually interesting, and powerful DocumentaryReviewed byChristianstrevy-1Vote: 10/10

I recently saw this at Birmingham, Alabama's Sidewalk Film Festival. Stacey spoke afterward the screening about how the movie was shown many times to people in LA to make sure that he was getting the right angle. Also, that he spent months WITHOUT a camera getting to know the people that were featured in the film.

Living in Birmingham, being one the nation's most dangerous and racially-divided cities, I can see how this film is relatable to all oppression-linked crime.

I think that this issue is extremely too large for Stacey to have adjusted his focus any wider. To ask the director to squeeze more information into this documentary would be asking too much of him. I thought that it was, over-all, very interesting visually and in meaning which can be hard to come by in today's documentaries. I really hope HBO or some other distributer picks this doc up. It needs to be seen, not only by LA natives, but all of America.

Why is this film interesting?Reviewed byalantasVote: 10/10

I have nothing bad to say about editing, like others do. It is how today's documentaries are done. They have to be catchy, attention grabbing. It's a trend, get over it. In my humble opinion this film stands out because of the really good background explanation. Knowing the circumstances reveals, that the birth of such entities as Crips and Bloods was almost a necessity. If you are a thinking person, you can comprehend the difference between propaganda and revealing causes. I live in Hungary and I have really small knowledge of life in L.A.. What scares me is to see all the same mistakes made, only in smaller size. There is a growing crowd of unemployed, uneducated and regularly ignored gypsies. Instead of a real resolution the government constantly makes cheap promises, and the radical right wing is rapidly growing and getting stronger as the media helps to fuel the hatred towards the minority. Their solution is to keep them in fear, not solve, but to "attack the problem". I hate to see the Americanization of my country mixed with the low self respect and the minority complex of the post-communist region. If your eyes are open you can see the parallels with other countries. At first glimpse you may think this film is about a specific problem in one city, but it's much more than that. It shows where stupidity, ignorance and segregation leads, how extreme conditions this kind of behavior can create. I think our all mighty leaders could learn a lot form this documentary. Highly recommended.

If you have absolutely zero knowledge of gangs, see it. If not, don't bother.Reviewed bymelnykedVote: 1/10

The movie was presented in order to "educate" the public on the 40 year gang epidemic amongst the black youths of our Los Angeles society. It was, in short, a failure. The inability to show the true cause of gangs (i.e. the gangsters themselves) was flabbergasting. Yes, they were able to eloquently throw around the term "disenfranchised," yet had no clue as to why these characters chose the streets. It boils down to this: Money, power, and (perceived) respect. Nothing more. Racism did not start this problem. Slavery did not start this problem. Their absentee father did not start this problem. There is an easy, high school-level word that can describe gangs perfectly. That word is opportunism. They brought this movie forward to an extremely gullible and impressionable public who believes whatever they see on TV and they failed to show these black gangsters for what they truly are: professional victims. "Nothing is my fault." No accountability. "It's the white man's fault, it's the Cub Scouts' fault, it's the policeman's fault." The "I did not create this, it was created for me" idea is tired and hackneyed. Black people are disproportionately represented in prison? 28%? Perhaps if they decided to stop committing crime in this state, the numbers might even out. Why can't we have a documentary that simply reports the facts, with no agenda? Why must we perpetuate this myth that the black man can do no wrong? That, somehow, it's someone else's fault? I watched this movie in order to gain a deeper perspective when it comes to the gang culture. Instead I just found myself wading in the deeper-than-usual B.S. Congratulations and thanks a bunch. My opinion of (and my hope for) the blacks youths of L.A. has officially faltered.

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