Cat People (1942) 1080p YIFY Movie

Cat People (1942) 1080p

Cat People is a movie starring Simone Simon, Tom Conway, and Kent Smith. An American man marries a Serbian immigrant who fears that she will turn into the cat person of her homeland's fables if they are intimate together.

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The Synopsis for Cat People (1942) 1080p

Serbian national Irena Dubrovna, a fashion sketch artist, has recently arrived in New York for work. The first person who she makes a personal connection with there is marine engineer Oliver Reed. The two fall in love and get married despite Irena's reservations, not about Oliver but about herself. She has always felt different than other people, but has never been sure why. She lives close to the zoo, and unlike many of her neighbors is comforted by the sounds of the big cats emanating from the zoo. And although many see it purely as an old wives' tale, she believes the story from her village of ancient residents being driven into witchcraft and evil doing, those who managed to survive by escaping into the mountains. After seeing her emotional pain, Oliver arranges for her to see a psychiatrist to understand why she believes what she does. In therapy, Dr. Judd, the psychiatrist, learns that she also believes, out of that villagers' tale, that she has descended from this evil - women ...

The Director and Players for Cat People (1942) 1080p

[Director]Jacques Tourneur
[Role:]Tom Conway
[Role:]Jane Randolph
[Role:]Kent Smith
[Role:]Simone Simon

The Reviews for Cat People (1942) 1080p

Perhaps the most subtle and accomplished horror film of its eraReviewed byJamesHitchcockVote: 8/10

When one thinks of horror films from the thirties and forties one's first thought is normally either of Bela Lugosi as Dracula or Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster, but "Cat People" is an example of a very different style of horror film from this period, set not in nineteenth-century Europe but in a modern American city.

Engineer Oliver Reed (a name later to be made famous by a real-life actor) meets and falls in love with a Serbian-born fashion designer named Irena Dubrovna. The two are eventually married. Irena, however, hides a dark secret. She was born in a village whose inhabitants once practised witchcraft and devil worship; although most of this community were wiped out by the King of Serbia, "the wisest and the most wicked" of them escaped into the mountains, and it is from these that Irena is descended. Because of this heritage, she believes that she will transform into a black panther if she experiences any strong emotion, including jealousy or sexual passion, and therefore refuses to sleep with her husband. Fearing that Irena is mentally ill, Oliver persuades her to consult a psychiatrist. Irena's apparent mental problems lead to an estrangement between husband and wife, and Oliver finds himself becoming attracted to his work colleague Alice. Another attraction develops between Irena and her psychiatrist, Louis Judd.

Films about psychiatry were popular in the forties; examples include Hitchcock's "Spellbound" and John Brahm's "The Locket". "Cat People", however, is not really a film of this sort. Irena's beliefs are not the product of an insane delusion; she really can turn into a black panther under the influence of strong emotions. This presented the scriptwriters and director Jacques Tourneur with a problem as such a transformation would have been very difficult to show convincingly given the limited range of special effects available in the early forties. Tourneur, however, overcame that problem brilliantly. His solution was not to show Irena transforming into a panther; indeed, we never directly see her in her animal form at all. The only black panther we actually see is a captive specimen in the local zoo (which plays an important role in the plot).

In contrast to most modern horror films, which tend to rely on special effects and gore by the bucketload, the "horror" in "Cat People" is the result of atmosphere and suggestion. Much of the action takes place at night or in darkness, and small details- a shadow, a set of pawprints, the sound of an arriving bus (which might also be the hiss of a panther)- are used to build up a sense of menace overhanging the characters, especially Alice of whom Irena is intensely jealous. The suggestion is that Irena, in her cat form, is stalking Alice. Both Irena and Alice are attractive young women, and the way in which they are treated is strangely ambivalent. From one viewpoint, our sympathies are with the fully-human Alice, menaced by a savage creature only half human. From another, our sympathies lie with Irena, the wronged wife whose marriage is under threat from another woman. If Irena is a predator in the literal sense of the word, Alice is one in the metaphorical sense.

The film was followed by a sequel, "The Curse of the Cat People" in 1944, which again starred Simone Simon as Irena, Kent Smith as Oliver and Jane Randolph as Alice. It is a good film in its own right, but it is very different in tone to the original, having a serenity which suggests that the evil of the original "Cat People" has now been exorcised.

"Cat People" was remade by Paul Schrader in 1982, forty years after the original. It keeps (with some alterations) the characters of Irena, Oliver and Alice, dispenses with Dr Judd and introduces a new character, Irena's brother Paul. Compared to the original it is much more blunt, direct and sexually explicit. It has its good points, particularly the performance of that most feline of actresses, Nastassja Kinski, but lacks the delicacy and suggestive power of Tourneur's film, which is perhaps the most subtle and accomplished horror film of its era. 8/10

Beautiful, Eerie and Utterly Fascinating ClassicReviewed byWitchfinder-General-666Vote: 10/10

"Cat People" is, without doubt, one of the most influential and fascinating classics the great genre of Horror has ever brought forth. This film is the brilliant collaboration of two of cinema's most ingenious minds - the first film produced by legendary producer Val Lewton, "Cat People" is doubtlessly also the greatest work of director Jacques Tourneur. The film, which tells a uniquely fascinating tale, is probably the best example of indicated terror. While we never actually see a drop of blood shed, Tourneur's brilliant sense for atmosphere and cinematographic style creates unspeakable eeriness by the mere use of shadows, light and darkness.

The film tells the story of the incredibly beautiful young Irena (Simone Simon). The young Serbian woman has come to America to flee the haunting legends of her hometown. When she meets a man and gets married, she remains frigid into the marriage, terrified that the loss of her virginity will turn her into something evil... Without giving too much of the story away, I can say that "Cat People" tells one of the most haunting and fascinating stories in classic Horror cinema. After the classic period of the Universal Monster films, this masterpiece heralds the time of Val Lewton's magnificent Horror films. Simone Simon is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time and she is absolutely stunning in her role here - her character of the haunted young Irena is very lovable. She seems very innocent and young, it is hard to believe she was already 32 when this film was made. The rest of the cast are also great, Kent Smith, Tom Corway and Jane Randolph all deliver very good performances. It is still Simone Simon who has all the attention. "Cat People" is a wonderfully cinematic experience which is beautiful and haunting alike. The film is a masterpiece both of storytelling and of atmosphere. The cinematography alone is brilliant and incredibly influential, and the film simply fascinates in all aspects. Personally, I've seen it many times by now, and it seems to get better with each viewing. This isn't only a must-see for all my fellow Horror buffs, it must be seen by everybody interested in cinema. A truly essential classic. 10/10!

Sometimes The Less You See, The BetterReviewed byccthemovieman-1Vote: 7/10

This movie provides a good demonstration of how you can still generate good suspense without violence seen on-screen. Director Jacques Tourneur and producer Val Lewton liked these kind of film presentations. This was Lewton's first film, by the way. Viewers either seem to really be for this slower classic style, or totally turned off by these kind of films. It depends, I suppose, on what you are expecting and what kind of movies you like. If you are looking for an action-packed film, with some bloody or horrible scenes, skip this film. It will just bore you to death.

If you prefer the implied violent acts, horror, and even sexual stuff , then this is your cup of tea. It's very "moody."

Simon Simone does well in the key role of "Irena Dubrovna." Animals fear her and she fears getting attached to someone, such as "Oliver Reed" (Kent Smith) who comes along and there is mutual attraction. What happens to those two, and others I won't say. The film is only 72 minutes so why divulge what's in it? Just know what to expect. This is a far cry from today's horror films.

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