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Casanova (2005)

Casanova is a movie starring Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller, and Jeremy Irons. The fabled romantic Giacomo Casanova, after failing to win the affection of the Venetian woman Francesca Bruni, strives to discover the real meaning of love.

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The Synopsis for Casanova (2005) 720p

Casanova is in love with Francesca, who thinks he is a friend of himself even though he is engaged to Victoria, who is the love of Giovanni, Francesca's brother. Francesca is betrothed to Paprizzio who thinks Casanova is the feminist writer Guardi, who is really Francessca's nomme de plume. Amidst all these secret identities and misunderstandings, the Catholic Church sends Pucci to bring Casanova and Guardi to trial for heresy.

The Director and Players for Casanova (2005) 720p

[Director]Lasse Hallstrom
[Role:]Sienna Miller
[Role:]Oliver Platt
[Role:]Jeremy Irons
[Role:]Heath Ledger

The Reviews for Casanova (2005) 720p

Great fun, wonderful settings and music, for all agesReviewed byTon van der VeldenVote: 10/10

I read here that in the USA this film got an R rating, not PG-13, as ¨director Hallstr?m wanted, only because of something that is suggested is happening under a table. In the Netherlands, where it had it's premiere yesterday, the rating is for over 5 year olds, so that says enough for whom this movie really is. I was at first a little disappointed to find out that this is not a historical movie, but a slapstick comedy, but I loved the settings (Venice and Vicenza,where they made a scene in the famous Teatro Olimpico, which is supposed to be a Venice University in the movie) and the music which is mostly baroque (Vivaldi, Albinoni, H?ndel, Rameau, Paisiello and a few more) and as a baroque music lover I thoroughly enjoyed the movie just only for the music alone. This must be one of the first-ever costume farce movies, but if you forget all the movies like Shakespeare in love or Pride and Prejudice and take this movie for it's own merits, it is a thoroughly rewarding experience. There was a lot of laughing by the audience and I found myself laughing more than in any movie I remember. It is thoroughly entertaining from first to last minute, but devout Catholics will find it insulting, as it makes fun of the Catholic Church, but it should be quite evident to everyone, also devout catholics, that the story is not to be taken too seriously, so why being bothered by it? The movie can actually be considered as a modern version of an opera buffa. Obviously there is a romantic plot and by all the farce and hilariousness I would say that the romantic element gets snowed under, but, as said, you have to accept this movie for what it is and concentrate on the lavish settings, costumes, music, the fun, and you will want to see it many more times, like me.

Funny, exciting and predictableReviewed byBALLARDCATVote: 9/10

I was able to see a sneak preview yesterday with my husband. Though our overall rating of the movie differed we both enjoyed the movie for the most part. I gave it thumbs up and my husband hovered and refused to go one way or another. The bad-It was a little predictable at times and the cg work was really distracting. The Good-The costumes and being filmed on location in Venice was awesome. I thought the acting was great and the overall feel of the movie was fun and exciting but not stuffy. And for a movie that is all about sex they did a great job of keeping it sexy and not over sharing. This is not a mind stimulating movie but a definitely a laugh out loud, eye candy kind. I hope you enjoy it too.

There's no need to apologize for the Inquisition.Reviewed byGore_WonVote: 7/10

It's almost unbelievable that this movie got an R rating in the States, but such is the state we are in, isn't it? As for the user who claims that this movie does not make fun of the Catholic Church, there is no need for such apologizing. For was it not Pope Innocent III who said, "Use against heretics the spiritual sword of excommunication, and if this does not prove effective, use the material sword"? Did Pope Paul IV not proclaim, "If my own father were a heretic, I would personally gather the wood to burn him"? Then again, Protestantism is not much above the bloodlust, either. Martin Luther, the father of Protestant Christianity, said, "No one need think that the world cannot be ruled without blood. The civil sword can and must be red and bloody." He also stated, "Reason must be deluded, blinded, and destroyed." So let's leave religion out of a movie, and enjoy it for the fun that it is. If we're dealing blames, we'll be here past sundawn.

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