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Batman vs. Robin (2015)

Batman vs. Robin is a video starring Stuart Allan, Troy Baker, and Kevin Conroy. While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman's no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as,...

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The Synopsis for Batman vs. Robin (2015) 720p

Damian Wayne is having a hard time coping with his father's "no killing" rule. Meanwhile, Gotham is going through trouble with threats, such as the insane toy maker and the secretive Court of Owls.

The Director and Players for Batman vs. Robin (2015) 720p

[Director]Jay Oliva
[Role:]Kevin Conroy
[Role:]Trevor Devall
[Role:]Troy Baker
[Role:]Stuart Allan

The Reviews for Batman vs. Robin (2015) 720p

A Huge Step Up from its PredecessorReviewed byikraniVote: 8/10

Note, I did not read comics, so I will be judging this movie solely on its own merits, even though Grant Morrison is easily the best comic writer currently working in the industry.

Anyway, the movie. I really liked it. The title can be a tad misleading, as Batman and Robin (Damian Wayne) only come to blows once during the film. Really, the conflict between the two is a psychological one. Damian is a young, jumped-up kid with a major thirst for justice and not a little blood, which puts him at odds with Batman. Batman, meanwhile, is the stern, unyielding figure that he almost always is, never letting Damian out of his sight and keeping him close, more than a little paranoid about Damian's upbringing within the League of Shadows.

Their conflict is brought to a boiling point when a Talon from The Court of Owls approaches Damian about joining, encouraging his latent bloodlust and pushing him ever further past Batman's point of no return. Things only get worse when the Court tries to recruit Bruce Wayne into their ranks, unaware of his dual-life. Will Damian remain true to his father's hardline sense of ethics, or with this hardline stance only serve to push him away and into the talons of the Court?

I'll go ahead and say that out of all the things the movie does right, the main reason I love it so much is because it gives both of its main characters story arcs. Both Batman and Damian come out of this movie noticeably changed but also in a way that's not shoved in your face like it was with Nolan's Dark Knight movies. Most other Batman media, be it Batman Returns, the Schumacher movies, the Justice League TV show and films, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold either reaffirm Batman's character or just cut out a story arc all together. This is one of those rare exceptions that actually develops Batman beyond the persona of the brooding jerk that he's acquired in recent years.

Damian, too, gets a story arc, but not one that's as subtle. It's pretty easy to see how he develops as a character; after all, the entire conflict of the film hinges on his anxieties about his identity and his parents, a struggle that all young kids go through in their lives.

I only have two complaints about this movie. The first is that the Court of Owls' true motivation for recruiting Damian is rather anticlimactic, and it brings the tug-of-war going on between them and Batman for Damian's trust to an abrupt and disappointing end. The second reason is that early on, Batman thinks Damian killed someone, even though any fool would be able to look the situation over and easily be able to tell that Damian was guiltless. It feels really contrived and really forced. Then again, that could just be Batman seeking to reaffirm his own paranoid suspicions about Damian's nature. Either way, I didn't like it.

Aside from those complaints, I'd call this a solid film, definitely better than the last two Batman titles that DC Animated released. It's dark, it's suspenseful, and it shows a side of Batman that many people have forgotten about.

Very dark, but goodReviewed byrprince-832-6294Vote: 7/10

-Batman vs. Robin (2015) movie review: -In honor of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer, I thought I would review this recent animated film from the DC Universe. Batman vs. Robin, which I am assuming follows the comic series, follows Damian Wayne, one of the latter Robins, who struggles with the moral issue of killing, which Batman enforces against, and outside influence from a dangerous secret society The Court of Owls.

-Wow that was dark. I don't follow any of the animated Batman series, or other animated Batman films, or the Batman comics, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

-The story was well told and, although sometimes forced, compelling. It stayed on track too, which I appreciate.

-The pace was good. Very good.

-The voice acting was fine. The kid who played Robin did a good job as young Robin. The lead Owl guy was good, but generic. The guy who plays Nightwing (Original Robin gone independent) was good. I honestly though the voice for Batman was the weakest of the bunch. Strongest of the bunch? 'Weird Al' Yankovic as The Dollmaker. You'll see?.

-The characters seemed pretty accurate to what I know about them, and I enjoyed watching the internal struggles they had. I also liked that they had one of each type of Batman villain, a complete psycho and an organization trying to take order through chaos.

-I didn't really care much for the music, but it seemed above par for an animated Batman film.

-Other than that I don't know what else to judge, mainly because I know little about the comic it is based on. I will say is just seemed way too dark for animated. I think it was darker than the live action Batman films, minus The Dark Knight of course.

-An entertaining, more mature take on a Batman comic that keeps the audience interested the entire time? Totally worth Netflix rating. I honestly wouldn't pay to see it because of the overall darker tone though. For example: -Batman vs. Robin holds a PG-13 rating for a good amount of language, violence, and suggestive material throughout. That is why I didn't enjoy it as much.

Finally a Court of Owls movie!Reviewed byphilchappell-30942Vote: 10/10

Could you imagine if they made a live action version of this movie? Robin continues to struggle with his father's lifestyle and no kill rule. When it's Alan from the court of owls confront him about it and says killing is the Right Way, Robin becomes confused about which path is right for him. Good movie for fathers and sons to watch together or for any Batman and Robin fan alike. Don't get annoyed by Robins attitude for he is portrayed exactly the way he is in the comics

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