Backcountry (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Backcountry (2015) 1080p

Backcountry is a movie starring Jeff Roop, Missy Peregrym, and Nicholas Campbell. An urban couple go camping in the woods and find themselves lost in the territory of a predatory black bear.

IMDB: 6.01 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.74G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 92
  • IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for Backcountry (2015) 1080p

An urban couple go camping in the Canadian wilderness - where unimaginable beauty sits alongside our most primal fears. Alex (Jeff Roop) is a seasoned outdoorsman while Jenn (Missy Peregrym), a corporate lawyer, is not. After much convincing, and against her better judgment, she agrees to let him take her deep into a Provincial Park to one of his favorite spots - the secluded Blackfoot Trail. On their first night, deep in the forest, they have an unsettling encounter with Brad (Eric Balfour), a strange alpha male with eyes for Jenn who may or may not be following them. Alex's desire to quickly reach Blackfoot Trail only intensifies. They push further and further into the woods, Alex stubbornly insisting that he remembers the way. After three days their path disappears; they are hopelessly lost. Without food or water, they struggle to find their way back, the harsh conditions bringing out the best and worst in them, pushing their already fragile relationship to the breaking point. When...

The Director and Players for Backcountry (2015) 1080p

[Director]Adam MacDonald
[Role:]Jeff Roop
[Role:]Nicholas Campbell
[Role:]Missy Peregrym
[Role:]Eric Balfour

The Reviews for Backcountry (2015) 1080p

Really good...Reviewed bylewis-sandsVote: 7/10

Been a long time since i have watched a movie and felt real fear in the pit of my stomach as a result, but there it is. Back Country kept my attention well enough to keep me watching, maybe because i wanted to see what happened to the couple, or maybe because i like the outdoors. Hmm? Dunno but in the end i am glad i watched Back Country. I am a horror fan, and a thriller fan, and , well a movie fan all around, but lately i have been trying to watch a movie that made me feel frightened, and scared deep in my stomach. Weird? maybe, but that is how i used to feel when i watched a truly scary movie unlike now when i find myself grossed out and feeling a little like a just watch something illegal more often than not. Maybe i am becoming jaded? who knows, who cares! This movie made me feel that old nervous and butterflies in my stomach kind of scared so i am grateful! Watch Back Country and enjoy yourself because i sure as heck did!

Very Fun. I RecommendReviewed bychrismackey1972Vote: 7/10

I know some have said this is reminiscent of The Edge, but only because it has a bear. With that said, they make more use of the fear of the bear rather than the bear itself. It is in the movie, and the killing is very gory -- much more than I thought a low-budget would be capable of doing -- and it is very realistic. I wanted to cover my eyes, but they did such a good job on that scene, I couldn't. I'm glad it's not really like The Edge. If I want to watch that movie, I'll turn that on. This was different in many aspects, so good on the filmmakers for that. The acting was very good. I've heard of but never seen Missy Perygrim in anything before, and I can tell I've missed out on watching a very good actress. Her acting stood out big time in this. I'm not sure what the point of Eric Balfour's character (Brad) was. He came out acting really creepy, especially when he left the two stars. I liked the movie, I'll watch again, and I recommend. I haven't seen many good bear-attack movies. The Edge was great, but that was a high-budget film. I thought "Grizzly" was the runner up to The Edge, but this movie blows "Grizzly" out of the water. This was much more realistic. My one real problem with this movie was it kinda dragged. I understand they wanted to build the characters and also throw in the fear of being lost in the woods, but this is a bear-attack movie. They didn't really introduce the bear until about 46-50 minutes into a 90 minute movie. I gave this a 7-star rating. The acting, directing, cinematography were all good. And the bear deserved an Oscar. lol

Hmmm...Reviewed byantman-69594Vote: 7/10

I've never written a review in my life, but I had to voice my frustration.This is a really atmospheric movie, with likeable characters and a fair amount of suspense.It's definitely worth watching...BUT...what drove me crazy was the ridiculous camera movement. My guess is, in an attempt to be arty and perhaps to give a first person perspective of the terror of being alone and hunted in the woods, the camera shakes and sweeps all over the place. Annoying and pointless!! Movie makers, PLEASE stop doing this!

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