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Assassination (1987)

Assassination is a movie starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, and Stephen Elliott. A presidential bodyguard is assigned to protect an objecting first lady, as repeated attempts are made on her life.

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The Synopsis for Assassination (1987) 720p

Jay Killian (Charles Bronson) had been the presidential bodyguard, but for the inauguration of the recently elected president, he is assigned to the first lady, Lara Royce (Jill Ireland). Lara, a perpetually indignant, arrogantly feministic lady, initially hates the methodical and rules-following Killian, and so she does all she can to avoid him and disregard his safety procedures. The story complicates, however, when repeated attempts are made on Lara's life. Eventually, the shaken Lara decides to trust Killian's instincts and precautionary methods, and the pair embark on a difficult and often perilous cross-country journey, with the assassins close on their heels.

The Director and Players for Assassination (1987) 720p

[Director]Peter R. Hunt
[Role:]Jan Gan Boyd
[Role:]Stephen Elliott
[Role:]Jill Ireland
[Role:]Charles Bronson

The Reviews for Assassination (1987) 720p

Unmemorable latter-day Bronson vehicle.Reviewed bybarnabyrudgeVote: 7/10

In the twilight years of his career, Charles Bronson forged long-running partnerships with several directors, most notably J. Lee Thompson and Michael Winner. He did two films for one-time Bond director Peter Hunt too - the first being the decent 1981 actioner Death Hunt, the second being this indifferent political chase thriller. Assassination is pretty dull if truth be known, and come the end you'll find yourself longing for something with a bit more passion and pace, like The Wilby Conspiracy for instance (which, plotwise, this film resembles).

Bronson sleepwalks through his role as bodyguard Jay Killian, whose assignment is to protect the American President's wife, Lara Royce Craig (Jill Ireland, real-life wife of Bronson). Killian believes that Mrs Craig has been targetted by assassins; she thinks he's an over-protective, paranoid pessimist. Turns out - surprise, surprise - that Killian was right all along and someone is indeed out to eradicate her. The pair of them go on the run, pursued by the assassins.

Everyone knows that the wife of an American President is known as The First Lady. For some reason, in this film they have renamed her "One Mama"! Quite what the point of this is is anybody's guess, but it's indicative of the film's pointlessness as a whole. Most of the film's performances are lazy, and the script takes a heck of a long time to get to where it's going. If I had to label Assassination within a specific genre, I'd say it is supposed to be a "thriller". I'd say that with some reservations, however, as to say that it's a thriller it has precious few thrills.

Definitely not a highlight in Bronson's careerReviewed bysveknuVote: 1/10

Charles Bronson has given the viewers lots of great moments on the screen. But this movie lacks everything that a thriller/action-movie should have. There are a few action scenes in the movie, but they're really crappy. And when the action scenes fail, does the story save the film? Not at all, is my answer to that. The story is even worse than the action scenes. It's very straightforward and boring, and even though I'm a big movie fan, I almost fell asleep several times. I don't know how they came up with a failure like this. A low budget, maybe? Regardless of that, it looked like all the actors had no interest in being in the movie at all. When that happens, the result is really bad.

Assassination (1987) is woth your timeReviewed byloulou1992Vote: 10/10

Ok maybe it's cheesey but it's a load of fun. Accept that it's that way and you love the film alot. It's a good action laugh, people take the micky saying you can't do this, that. Who's care, Bronson films are made to be enjoyed, he doesn't care what critics think. I don't. All he's own film he did are great. Fantastic stuff.

Well the story line is simple, Bronson is a service secret agent protecting the first lady (Jill). And suspects that someone is trying to ASSASSINATE her. So it's up to him to stop her in this great Action comedy thriller.

Worth the watch, i loved it. Especially with a comic Bronson. and he was 66 when he did this, wow, hope i'm like that at 66 running like a cat.

7 out 10

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