A Man About the House (1947) 1080p YIFY Movie

A Man About the House (1947) 1080p

A Man About the House is a movie starring Margaret Johnston, Dulcie Gray, and Kieron Moore. Agnes and Ellen Isit, two poor English sisters, unexpectedly inherit from their uncle a rich estate near Naples, complete with big villa and...

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The Synopsis for A Man About the House (1947) 1080p

Agnes and Ellen Isit, two poor English sisters, unexpectedly inherit from their uncle a rich estate near Naples, complete with big villa and manly Italian majordomo. The latter, Salvatore, makes use of his Latin charm to seduce Agnes, who soon turns from prim spinster to passionate lover. Ellen observes the romance with amusement first before realizing how little considerate Salvatore becomes after marrying Agnes. Worse, Agnes's health starts deteriorating. Worried about her sister, she contacts Dr. Ben Dench, a family friend...

The Director and Players for A Man About the House (1947) 1080p

[Director]Leslie Arliss
[Role:]Kieron Moore
[Role:]Margaret Johnston
[Role:]Guy Middleton
[Role:]Dulcie Gray

The Reviews for A Man About the House (1947) 1080p

Things do not go as expectedReviewed bychristopher-underwoodVote: 7/10

Surprisingly enjoyable and certainly well made little UK picture filmed partly on location near Naples to great effect. The tale begins fairly mundanely and it seems we are in for some light melodrama as two uptight English sisters possibly vie for the attention of some rich landowner. Turns out they are the landowners, the property is in Italy and a good part of this is set out in the wonderful sunshine and vistas of the bay of Naples. Things do not go as expected and although we have wonderful, almost neorealist shots of happy peasants and the grape harvest, a darker side soon begins to emerge and this ends up being akin to Suspicion and Gaslight. Perhaps not quite as dark as those two films but this certainly has its moments and the cast perform very well under tight direction and beautiful photography.

More like a louse about the house !Reviewed bykmv4Vote: 7/10

You may feel you have seen this film before as it contains elements of Suspicion (the glass of milk), Notorious (the poisoning scenes) and Gaslight (the Victorian melodramatics) but it has its own merits, most of all the glorious setting - a villa in Naples. Repressed spinster Agnes (Australian-born Margaret Johnston) inherits along with her sister Ellen (Dulcie Gray) a villa in Naples from their uncle. Agnes is cheerless, uptight, domineering and a snob. The sisters go to the villa with the intention of selling it as they need the money but are soon seduced by the scenery, the sunshine and for Agnes by the shirtless, Lothario Salvatore (Irish actor Kieron Moore) who worked for their uncle as his manservant/handyman. Soon Agnes is casting off her black mourning attire and restyling her hair and is smitten enough to marry him, totally blind to the fact he is a womanizer, deceiver and a possible serial killer (Did he do away with both their uncle and the American benefactor who taught him English ??) Suddenly Agnes health starts to deteriorate especially after Sal starts encouraging her to drink daily egg flips made from seagull eggs (I feel sick already!). Is he poisoning her so he can get his hands on the land that once belonged to his family ? I loved the contrast between grim Victorian England and sunny, flowery Naples which also heralded the blossoming of the two sisters. Enjoyable and atmospheric but don't be fooled by the 'introducing Kieron Moore' in the credits as this wasn't his film debut just the first under his new name change from Kieran O'Hanrahan. Seems you really can't trust anyone.

Flipping NaplesReviewed byAAdaSCVote: 7/10

Sisters Margaret Johnston (Agmes) and Dulcie Gray (Ellen) inherit a villa and some land in Naples and head on over to check it out. Their reserved Britishness contrasts markedly with the Italian way of life and new head of household Kieran Moore (Salvatore). He likes the ladies! He is also keen on one day winning back all land that once belonged to his family. And he has a plan.

The film has a location setting in Naples which gives authenticity to the proceedings as well as having an uncredited Gina Lollobrigida in the cast. It definitely has an Italian flavour. Dulcie Gray adapts to the new life but Johnston is a fish out of water. What on earth is an egg flip? Whatever it is, Johnston drinks her fair share. The cast are good although I'm not sure about doctor Guy Middleton (Ben) and his chances in a fight against a hardened labourer. No way, pal. The ending to this film is not what you may anticipate.

So, where would you choose to live? Rainy North Bromwich with its High Street or a villa in Naples overlooking spectacular scenery? Tough call. I think the sisters got it right.

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