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7 Chinese Brothers (2015) 720p YIFY Movie

7 Chinese Brothers (2015)

Larry (Jason Schwartzman) is content with his dog Arrow and booze, barely tolerating anything or anyone else. His marginally successful relationships include his grandmother, who keeps him ...

IMDB: 5.72 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 75
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 1

The Synopsis for 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) 720p

Larry (Jason Schwartzman) is content with his dog Arrow and booze, barely tolerating anything or anyone else. His marginally successful relationships include his grandmother, who keeps him afloat financially, and his best friend Norwood, who provides him with pharmaceuticals. But a chance encounter at a Jiffy Lube gives Larry a beguiling new boss and the impetus to head in another direction for a while. This movie showcases all that may be needed to help a person get unstuck in life: love (or an unrequited crush), friendship (or someone your family likes better than you) and family (or in this case a grandmother who will support you whenever you get fired from a job).

The Director and Players for 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) 720p

[Director]Bob Byington
[Role:]Tunde Adebimpe
[Role:]Jason Schwartzman
[Role:]Olympia Dukakis

The Reviews for 7 Chinese Brothers (2015) 720p

Another likable loserReviewed bythemissingpatientVote: 4/10

Jason Schwartzman is Larry, a pill-popping alcoholic who lacks any ambition whatsoever. When Larry isn't getting fired or looking for a new job he can make a joke of, he spends his time visiting his grandmother in a nursing home and talking to his dog.

Schwartzman seems to be the go-to actor for insightful, comical and somewhat dark character studies. Though he is quite charming in this quirky role, 7 Chinese Brothers isn't really insightful at all. There are a few funny moments here and there but when the film takes a more serious, dramatic turn towards the end, the most unpredictable thing is how inconsequential everything turns out to be.

It's a sad story about a likable loser, like many of the characters Schwartzman plays. When it's revealed why this character is the way he is, it makes sense but it's hard to feel anything for him due to his unwillingness to admit his true feelings and embrace the opportunities given to him.

Reviewed bylevifilmVote: 10/10/10

Absolutely charming and hilarious. Jason Schwartzman is pitch perfectas Larry, a slacker who gets fired from his job in a restaurant at thebeginning of the film, sipping through a straw from his Big Gulp.

Schwartzman isn't the only tour de force in the film, his dog Arrowmakes the perfect comedic counterpart, exasperated and non-plussed atmany of Larry's diatribes and philosophies.

Bob Byington deserves a lot of credit as well, his previous filmSomebody Up There Likes Me is equally hilarious, but 7 Chinese Brothersis less surreal and more rooted in character and pathos. 7CB has lotsof mainstream appeal and will undoubtedly be listed in with othericonic Schartzman roles.

7CB is always surprising, always pushing at the edges of conventionalnarratives. The film works so well because it is coming from a veryunique voice of storytelling and sense of humor. It's exciting to see afilm come out like this and almost instantly feel like a comedyclassic. Do yourself a favor and get a big gulp of 7 Chinese Brothers.

Reviewed bymbtownplanningVote: 8/10/10

Reading some reviews I half expected a slacker film as in something abit like American Pie (but with slackers). But this was good - I likefilms that are realistic like this one. That is the main thing I liked- not big high stakes drama or clichés or tilting towards a message.

The character was not pointless - the character does grow.

I didn't really understand the title though. I like REM (I was reallyinto them as a young adult - probably too much). But whilst the songmight have an interpretation that makes sense in the context of themovie, it surely doesn't enough to name the film after it. A kind ofrandom incidental-ism is fine, but it should make some sense.

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