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37 Days (2014) 1080p YIFY Movie

37 Days (2014) 1080p

A TV mini-series that unveils the behind-closed-doors story of the final weeks before the outbreak of World War I.

IMDB: 8.23 Likes

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  • Run Time: 180
  • IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 
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The Synopsis for 37 Days (2014) 1080p

Three episodes of a docudrama that present the background to the First World War, since the assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the declarations of war of various contenders. That means the thirty seven days elapsed between 28 June and 4 August 1914. The scenarios are the Foreign Office, the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose secretary was Sir Edward Grey series, and the German Chancellery in Berlin, so that the action is narrated by two young clerks who, after thirty-seven days, enlist in the armed forces . The miniseries is a mixture of drama and documentary, its tone is somewhat aseptically dry in which many details are simplified, but it highlights some aspects in order to answer the question that the viewer makes constantly: how we go from peace to war in just over a month? Though the series lop sides at a very British viewpoint and can't help to look at characters often caricatured, as Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the ...

The Director and Players for 37 Days (2014) 1080p

[Role:]Tim Pigott-Smith
[Role:]Ian McDiarmid
[Role:]Nicholas Farrell

The Reviews for 37 Days (2014) 1080p

Excellent Historical DramaReviewed byPeadlesVote: 10/10

I am not clued in enough to say, with certainty, this BBC drama was impartial - but given how i suppose it could have gone, i think it was close enough. Even if you don't agree, you cannot fault the acting and the direction of this mini series.

Loosely told from the perspective of two foreign office clerks - one German, one British - depicts the many sad, unfortunate and ironic events in the 37 days leading to the deaths of ten million men and women around the globe during WW1.

I am of a generation of kids whose history lessons saw WW1 being completely overshadowed in favour of WW2 - so for me this was particularly interesting. It could have been poorly acted, badly directed and cheap to make and I would still have found it interesting. That it was none of those things was a great bonus! It was obvious from the outset that while they were speaking in English, the German actors were German, the Russian actors Russian and so on. Which added some authenticity to the whole thing (I am a stickler for accents!).

If you want 3 hours of world history and a good account of the bumbling old gits that ran Germany and Great Britain at the time - give this a go :)

The phenomenal Ian McDiarmid versus a cartoonish cavalcade of Continental caricaturesReviewed byTheEtiquetteVote: 8/10

37 Days is an informative, well-paced, even thrilling piece of historical drama with some superb performances from the best of the British. Its approach to the causes of the First World War is both entertaining and educational. However, there are some problems which prevent this mini-series from becoming a true classic.

The greatest problem is that almost all character who are not British are portrayed in a manner most cartoonish; from the German Kaiser to Austrian and French ambassadors all non-British characters are ridiculously over-the-top caricatures, more ludicrous than the characters in Oh! What a Lovely War. And Lovely War is a musical parody.

I can't but wonder why a production which pays so much attention to detail and is slavishly faithful to historical facts makes its characters look one-dimensional caricatures? Especially when all the British characters are portrayed as completely normal and there is true emotion and humanity in the scenes taking place in London. Is portraying the Continental characters as buffoons some kind of a statement or a lousy attempt at comedy by the British production team? In this respect 37 Days brings to mind the Nazi version of Titanic in 1943 where all the English characters are baddies and the German one saves the day. (Another point which bothers me is the portrayal of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II. In this he is shown as an aggressive and stern military man rather than the sensitive and simple family man portrayed in every single film and history book concerning this topic. Could it be that the production team has confused Nicholas II with his father Alexander III because the character in 37 Days truly looks and acts like Alexander?)

Nevertheless, 37 Days is a fresh take on the First World War and includes some wonderful performances. Absolutely phenomenal is Ian McDiarmid as Sir Edward Grey who truly brings realism and humanity to the production which is in places in a danger of becoming a parody because of its cartoonish cavalcade of Continental caricatures or a boring history lesson since all the scenes take place in cabinet meeting rooms. Other great performances are delivered by Bill Paterson, Sinéad Cusack, Nicholas Farrell and Tim Pigott-Smith, to name a few.

Gets better in part 3Reviewed bypawebsterVote: 5/10

It was a tough task to make an interesting drama out of 37 days of meetings. This series make has a reasonable go at dealing with it by using the artifice of two fictional clerks, one in London and one in Berlin. There were problems, however.

One was the dialogue, which did not always catch the correct tone. It was sometimes too familiar and lacked diplomatic etiquette. On one occasion, an ambassador just leaves a fairly amicable meeting with Sir Edward Grey (the best acting performance) without any word of farewell - he simply walks out.

Another problem was a lot of hammy acting on the German side (even though I accept that the real-life Kaiser was indeed hammy). The German actors were also hampered by having to speak English. I think subtitles would have been not only more authentic, but also better for the tone of the piece. To make matters worse, the Germans had to clomp about in heavy boots on uncarpeted floors. Since there was an awful lot of roaming around while talking (unusual in real-life meetings), this made a distracting clatter. Perhaps the sound recording department was at fault here.

In general, budget problems undermined the production. The only signs of Germany were stock establishing shots of the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. Otherwise, Germany was represented by very obviously British buildings. One of the "German" cars prominently displayed its AA membership badge. The scenes of tiny groups of soldiers on the German borders were laughable and should have been left out.

Despite these flaws, I stuck with it, as I am interested in the history of the period. It became much better in the third and final part as war neared and the scenes in the cabinet room were tense and poignant.

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